OH NOES! A DraMATIC BLOG that will make EvErYbOdY go CRAZY!


Genesjs, one of our oldest admins, has recently made a notice to all mods in admins to Uphold all Chat Policies; including the rule about profanity and vulgar content. This has brought up the debate about cursing here on SNN. Here is the current chat rule about the subject (if you are wondering where is the site rule, there isn't any other than "be nice"):

Please avoid vulgarity and swearing. Mild profanity may be tolerated so long as it's used sporadically and is not directed at another user.

So I ask for your vote.

This poll is so that I, and everyone else, has an understanding about where SNN stands on the subject of cursing. It won't be the sol thing that will decide, but it will influence whether we should keep the current rule, alter it, or create a "zero tolerance" policy over cursing.

(metaphorically) If you vote yes, words such as damn/goddamn hell and crap would no longer be tolerated along with other phrases. Let's say SNN would become rated G. Though to many this sounds strict, and might scare away new users or shoo away current ones.

(metaphorically) If you vote no, the current rule would stand and mild profanity would be allowed. SNN would be rated PG. Though the current rule sounds like it is up to allot of interpretation; which can be good or bad. Arguments over what is profane still might break out, due to the vague nature of the rule.

All I am asking is for you opinion. If you feel on the fence about this, or don't care ether way, don't vote. I am confused about where people stand on this, and I bet you are too.

Do you think SNN should not allow any profanity/cursing?

The poll was created at 14:00 on January 6, 2014, and so far 20 people voted.
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