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  • Shadowunleashed13

    Just a few moments ago, Hardlight Studio released a new update for the mobile game Sonic Dash. Version 2.5.0 adds a new feature that changes the time of day as the player runs, putting a little variety into the scenery. Also included in the update is an attempt to optimize the game for older and lower-end devices that have previously struggled to run the game smoothly. If you've had issues with performance in the past, now is the time to see if your device handles the game better.

    Sonic Dash isn't the only mobile Sonic game getting an update this week. Sonic Runners, the endless runner by Sonic Team, has a confirmed new character: Rouge the Bat. According to Sonic Runners, but can only be unlocked through the in-game Roulette Wheel. Here's a ro…

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  • Shadowunleashed13

    In a Board of Directors meeting held today, Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. finalized measures for "structure reform" in SEGA Corporation. Reform initiatives include "improving efficiency" in both domestic and overseas businesses by narrowing down its product lineup and consolidating/downsizing some of its services. This affects us most notably in the digital games market, which SEGA designated as a "growth area" last year. According to the statement released today, "local organizations managing packaged game software in Western markets will be streamlined", and Sega will focus on "smartphone and PC online gaming".

    The second measure to be taken is "soliciting voluntary retirement", which means 300 Sega Sammy employees, about 120 of which work in Se…

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  • Shadowunleashed13

    So this handsome fella was in the running for featured user tonight. It was a tough race, but in the end he managed to pull ahead in a nail-biting victory of 1-0. The following impromptu completely expected interview is as follows.

    The featured user of the month is

    Q #0: So how do you feel about becoming featured user?

    A #0: I am glad and honored that the community has selected me to be featured on the main page for an entire month. My thanks to SNN!

    Q #1: How do you view your work on the wiki? Is it important to you? Why do you do it?

    A #1: I think my work helps viewers find pages more appealing and clean. For my behind-the-scenes edits, I help make the wiki more organized and simple. IMO every constructive edit is important, so I d…

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  • Shadowunleashed13

    No, really, it's gone.

    There's no trace of the famous blue blur on the Jazwares main page. We won't jump to any hasty conclusions, but Jazwares hasn't exactly been very active with Sonic lately. Whatever this absence of Sonic means, or whether it's really just nothing, we'll let you decide for yourself.

    If you still want to buy, though, the product pages are still up and running.

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  • Shadowunleashed13

    Zap2It has posted listings for three unaired Sonic Boom episodes. According to the website, new episodes will begin airing January 17, 2015, starting with Guilt Tripping.

    The confirmed episodes are:

    • Episode 9: Guilt Tripping (1/17/2015)
    • Episode 10: Dude, Where's my Eggman? (1/24/2015)
    • Episode 11: Cow Bot (1/31/2015)

    Judging by the air dates, it appears Cartoon Network will continue airing only one new episode a week alongside a rerun. We have no official synopsis as of yet, but we'll keep you informed when we have more.

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