Sorry this is so late. I was learning to drive Saturday, was busy all day Sunday and a relative came down yesterday. So I'm giving you the Big Comic you voted for, and a Shadow comic that looked fun.

It's Big, what do you want for nothing?

Big Present

Credits: Big: Cylent Nite/Oppolo

Background: Demonico

This comic holds a large tribute to the god of fan comics: Evan Stanley, and her fan comic: Ghosts of the Future. Gold Ring is the chinese resturaunt where Silver works in GOTF, and for an eating day explaination, see this page.

Shadow Present

Credits: Characters: Cylent Nite

BG: Metallix

Okay guys here you get to choose what I post on Saturday; more presents, or The Wrath of ****. Presents will involve more comedy, and The Wrath of **** will be more serious and action packed. Regardless of what is picked, The Wrath of **** will start after the new years special.

What should be the next comic?

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