• Pinkolol16

    Wikiversary for me :D

    April 29, 2014 by Pinkolol16

    Three years. 3 years since I joined this place.

    It feels like only yesterday I fixed up that Olympics thing...

    I haven't been here for the majority of a year but I might as well celebrate it anyway, I still remember.

    So why not I explain my story for the unknown ones who may not know. Or anyone just interested to hear... see... what?

    My Story :D It may be long.

    It started in 2011, I came across this wiki a young teenager, just having joined Sonic Fanon Wiki (leaving shortly the following year), and I wanted to join this place as well. I came across it while I was bored literally reading every detail about the Sonic characters on the Wikipedia pages. See, I wanted to know more about the Sonic series ever since 2010 when Mario (a character I loved…

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  • Pinkolol16

    I am back.

    November 28, 2013 by Pinkolol16

    Hey guys, it’s been a while.

    Now many of you have many questions. Some of you I know may be new (it has been more than a year since I left, even if I don’t know you, I’m not surprised) but I want to explain this.

    First of all my avatar why I have a pink Mario depicted in it.

    Long after my leave in July 2012, I saw a Youtube channel by the name of Starman3. There was this whole community, the SM64 community. I, after a long period of time was asked to join the YTR, a group in said community full of a bunch of wonderful friends, there were so many to name. Before I joined though, from watching all the vids, I created a colour code, a set of colours that alter Mario in an SM64 ROM through the use of a code. That is my Mario in the picture, and a…

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  • Pinkolol16

    Ok, I'm not lying here. Apparently every few minutes, a large amount of the RWA's activity gets cut out. I don't know why its happening. It's just white..... seriously.

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  • Pinkolol16

    Ok, this question may or may not be interesting to you. But I'll ask my question.

    In Sonic X, Knuckles apprently gets tricked 4 times total. Episode 5, Episode 25, Episodes 40-41, and Episode 56. However, in episodes 40 and 41, Knuckles doesn't directly get tricked by Eggman. And no one, not even Tails, Amy, Chris, ANYONE, knew why Sonic was tearing down the towers until he explained after his fight with Knuckles, so that explains when he got tricked(before Sonic explained to EVERYBODY the truth). My question is this

    How did Knuckles get tricked in Episodes 40-41?

    In Episode 5, it's simple. A direct walk-up and beg.

    In Episode 25, Knuckles and Chris come, but Eggman forms a plan and tricks him on the spot.

    In Episode 56, it's the same thing as …

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  • Pinkolol16

    I don't know why people hate me. I keep getting put down just because I want to help. I really want to help, peeps.

    Examples of being put down:

    On chat...

    MetalShadow272: Pink, please don't Mini-Mod

    Me: Oh please, I was just helping.

    Random users blog, his fav character one, look below my comment, I know what he says is right, but, it's another put down.

    I know I've been acting a little strange lately, but I'm stressed, okay? I have so little time on the wikis because I've been pulled away. By my family and stuff.

    With the chat rule, I'm only helping to enforce it. Believe me, I don't like the idea of users coming here just to chat as much as any of you do. And I was just stating an opinion on that users blog. I didn't say he had to leave, that w…

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