Just showing them.

SG Achievements Spoilers

Oh look it's Perfect Chaos

Here's what's in this one:

  • Uncolord Green Hill Zone
  • Sky Sanctuary?
  • Speed Highway?
  • City Escape
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Chemical Plant?
  • Planet Wisp
  • Seaside Hill
  • Some random zone????
  • Rooftop Run
  • Chaos Emeralds
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • Metal Sonic
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Egg Dragoon
  • The Giant Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2
  • Classic & Modern Sonic
  • Green Hill Zone with a clock
  • an S rank


  • Time Eater
  • ???????
  • Both Super Sonics
  • Classic Sonic jumping over a Sky Sanctuary cloud
  • A car... maybe something to do with City Escape
  • A icey thing? Ice Cap Zone? A Boss?
  • Crisis City
  • Sonic boosting (Looks like the Sonic Colors credits....)
SG achievement Jump for Joy!

Sonic on a rail

SG achievement Byway or the Highway

a spring?

press ctrl and scroll in to zoom in! So you can see them more close up.

Old achievement icons

They can be found here

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