Now to tell a boring life story on my 2nd Wiki-versary blog, with this I can tell about my experience this year. It's also my 15th Birthday, lol who cares.

My Damn Experience

This year was less......what's the word........a**y for me, mainly because I'm less sensitive and I don't take this whole place too seriously. Though I'll admit, I still sometimes get annoyed by a certian person on the chat and some people who make blogs and can't learn to accept what others think about SonAmy, and a certain "krazy" user who thinks he is better than anyone else and blah blah. But otherwise I'm doing okay here, I've gotten a bit lazy since Spring and I hardly edit here nowadays. A highlight of this year is that I gave comics a shot, which did okay, they aren't in the cliche sprite comic style of humor. I also went a little overboard with my humor for those who remember Silvslam.

What's Damn Next?

Eh............that I don't know.

Any Damn Questions?

Now for a Q&A thing, leave me some questions about me in the comments and I'll answer them

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