Hey, guys! 'Tis the almighty Ouroburos (may not be as powerful here as he was on Game Ideas Wiki, btw) with a new blog. Now the reason I made this blog is very simple: who do you, the users here, prefer as the greatest voice actor for Sonic? Personally, I don't find anyone as "the greatest", but of course I have my favorites down below:

What I think

1st: Roger Craig Smith - Despite what people say about his performance for the Blue Blur, I honestly don't care and will say that he IS without a doubt (aside from Drummond and Junichi) the best voice for Sonic. His wisecrackingness is still present, but Smith also delivers one-liners that are outright hilarious from time to time (the writers from Madworld and Happy Tree Friends FTW!) So even with the maturity tone, Sonic is still likeable no matter what... At least the way I see it.

2nd: Ryan Drummond - A nostalgic and personal favorite of mine from my childhood. For the games, being the original english VA wasn't too much, but then again, Drummond (while iffy in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Shuffle) brought in a top-notch performance during Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Heroes... And yeah, I just said Heroes. Don't shoot!

3rd: Junichi Kanemaru - Kanemaru is pretty much what made Sonic so incredible in Japan, and not just the fanbase alone... Unless somebody can elaborate differently on that. Engrish FTW!

4th: Jaleel White - He might have been miscasted during Sonic the Hedgehog (SaTAM) and somewhat Sonic Underground, but giving his role as the legendary Steve Urkel from Family Matters, I thought Jaleel did a very iconic performance as Sonic and was hoping for him to reprise during Sonic Generations. {sighs} Overall, it doesn't matter, since SEGA wants Classic Sonic to be mute, just like the Genesis days. But we have the fan film, also...

5th: Jason Griffith - Okay, before you start flaming this opinion, I just wanna say one thing: I DO NOT HATE JASON AS SONIC! Firstly, Jason was pretty mediocre as Sonic during the beginning, but as the 4Kids era of voice acting for the series came to an end (with Pollock on board for the Studiopolis era), he was vastly improving, to the point where he was giving out an incredible piece of work. Even I wanted to put Griffith at 2nd or 3rd Place, but the great Ouroburos still doesn't see him as "memorable". Sorry, guys...

6th: Martin Burke - Alright. I admit that the dubbing for the Sonic OVA was a little atrocious for the most part, but like with Jaleel, Burke kinda fits for the Classic Sonic. And sometimes, his line, "Strange, isn't it", seems to be quoted often, making me think that the anime movie wasn't as underappreciated as I intended it to. And I vaguely remembered this as a kid. Moving on...

Last: Samuel Vincent - Not much to say on this one for the record. Vincent only provided Sonic's singing voice in Sonic Underground, and even if I said at one point that I prefer Sonic X (Japanese) over Sonic X (American) and Sonic Underground, all three are pretty generic IMO. Vincent's vocal performance is sorta like Jaleel White if you have an older Urkel attempting to be better than most of the garbage mainstream music these days. It works at points, but to me, THIS never made me see the appeal at all.

So in conclusion...

I also know that I didn't include Keiko Toda, Kappei Yamaguchi, Takeshi Kusao, or Keiko Utoku for being classic Sonic VAs. The latter two are a bit easy to bring up, while the former two are a different story in my view. Now if you didn't hear what I was saying before, then that's okay... All and all, I still wanna know who's your favorite voice actor for the Blue Blur, himself? Sayonara!

"You're tearing me apart, Lisa!!" 23:27, October 13, 2011 (UTC)Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

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