First Post 9/22/11 6:00 PM: I don't want Casino Night Zone to be DLC. I want it to be an actual part of the storyline. I want Crisis City to not be so glitchy like in Sonic '06. I want Sonic and to finally kiss.I hope that the entire game doesn't dissapoint. What do you expect from Sonic Generations? Leave a comment letting me know.

UPDATE 9/22/11 6:52 PM: It doesn't make sense that Radical Highway is a stage in the 3DS version even though Sonic was never there to begin with. It also doesn't make sense that the 3DS version doesn't have any levels from any of the handheld.

UPDATE 9/22/11 9:00 PM: Which level are you most excited to play in the X360 version? The 3DS version?

UPDATE 9/22/11 9:49 PM: Since Halloween is the day before Sonic Generations comes out, I'll be dressing up as Sonic! Yay! I'll definitely get lots of candy this year.

UPDATE 9/23/11 11:56 AM: Only a month until Sonic Generations comes out, and there are no trailers for Speed Highway or Crisis City. Don't you think SEGA would show a trailer for these levels by now?

UPDATE 9/23/11 5:58 PM: New Emerald Coast Pics have been leaked!

UPDATE 9/23/11 6:01 PM: Please watch this blog.

UPDATE 9/23/11 6:59 PM: Thank you all for making my blog go to #1 on the Hot Spots.

UPDATE 9/23/11 7:18 PM: I just realized something. I hope Rail Canyon isn't in the 3DS version. I don't think it would be fun to watch Classic Sonic grind down a rail, since his levels are in 2D.

UPDATE 9/23/11 9:12 PM: Make sure to come back every day for updates. I will post at least 5 updates per day.

UPDATE 9/23/11 11:42 PM: Check out my new avatar and my profile.

UPDATE 9/24/11 3:23 PM: I just went and pre-ordered the and 3DS versions at GameStop.

UPDATE 9/24/11 6:54 PM: What would you like to see as DLC in the game? Leave a comment letting me know.

UPDATE 9/24/11 10:48 PM: I honestly don't know what else to talk about for today. LOL

UPDATE 9/25/11 7:25 PM: More Emerald Coast Pics have been leaked. [[1]]

UPDATE 9/25/11 8:16 PM: Thank you all for making this article #1 on the Popular Blog Spots.

UPDATE 9/26/11 12:01 PM: I hope Grand Metropolis will be on the 3DS version.

UPDATE 9/26/11 9:05 PM: The celebration is no longer avaliable due to copyright claims. Sorry!

UPDATE 9/27/11 4:04 PM: I just thought of something. For the credits music, they should do a medley of all the songs in the game, just like in Sonic 1.

UPDATE 9/26/11 10:24 PM: I'm getting the internet on my fixed. The DLC in Sonic Generations is the only reason I'm doing this.

UPDATE 9/27/11 8:44 PM: The celebration video is back on.

UPDATE 9/29/11 11:35 AM: Sorry I only post two updates yesterday. I couldn't think of anything to talk about.

UPDATE 9/29/11 11:40 AM: Now that we've seen the Hub world, and Speed Highway, I'm even more excited for SG.

UPDATE 9/29/11 3:17 PM: Congratulations! You've just created Sonic 4 Episode 2 [2]

UPDATE 9/29/11 10:01 PM: Are you more excited for the Classic levels, or Modern levels?

UPDATE 9/30/11 9:30 PM: 31 more days till S.G.!

UPDATE 10/1/11 6:06 PM: I wonder what Windmill Isle would be like on the 3DS...

UPDATE 10/3/11 7:44 AM: New Radical Highway screenshots![[3]]

UPDATE 10/3/11 8:13 PM: What Sonic '06 level would you like to see in the 3DS version?

UPDATE 10/3/11 8:40 PM: Obviously, there's some controversy, on whether generations is canon or not. I'm here to set the record straight. Obviously, the game is canon, because it takes place after Sonic Colors. Also, the White Space hub world takes place outside of the Space-Time continuum, where the laws of physics don't apply, and you can make your own physics, such as the ability to go into an alternate timeline(Crisis City,Stardust Speedway Bad Future).

UPDATE 10/4/11 9:31 PM: 4 weeks from today, we will witness awesomeness.

UPDATE 10/5/11 5:31 PM: I know this isn't Sonic related, but I feel like I have to let you guys know. STEVE JOBS IS DEAD!

UPDATE 10/7/11 8:49 PM: Still waiting for 3DS trailers...

UPDATE 10/8/11 9:56 PM: Whoever keeps hacking my account, please stop.

UPDATE 10/10/11 4:26 PM: Sonic Generations has been confirmed for the PC![[4]]

UPDATE 10/12/11 4:34 PM:

UPDATE 10/12/11 4:44 PM: I am currently making a Sonic documentary.

UPDATE 10/13/11 11:41 AM: The Documentary will premiere October 16.

UPDATE 10/14/11 12:15 PM: Check out the new leaked photos.

UPDATE 10/16/11 11:26 PM: The documentary will be uploaded in a few minutes.

UPDATE 10/16/11 1:42 PM: I hope you all realize I worked really hard on this.

UPDATE 10/17/11 4:32 PM: A new demo of the game is being released. thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/18/11: Remember that 4:04 PM update I made on 9/27/11? It happened!

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/16/11 12:00 PM: Part 1

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/16/11 12:01 PM: Part 2

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/12/11 4:50 PM: MODERN EMERALD COAST FTW!

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/6/11 7:23 AM: Perfect Chaos is scaring me a little... 

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/2/11 5:00 PM: If City Escape was in Super Kart, It would sound like this.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/2/11 2:51 PM: What if they did a remix of this song for the credits?

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 10/2/11 2:44 PM: Don't tell me this doesn't fill your heart with nostalgia.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/29/11 3:24 PM: RADICAL HIGHWAY B***H!

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/29/11 2:58 PM: I just s**t myself watching this.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/28/11 8:43: Classic Sonic vs. FTW!

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/28/11 4:29 PM: New gameplay clips, an interview, and a sneak peek at Speed Highway. Hope you know German.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/27/11 8:48 PM: Big Arm Footage

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/27/11 8:27: X360 achievements have been announced. Make sure to look at the description.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/27/11 7:10 PM: Looks like the shields from Sonic 3 & Knuckles are returning...

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/26/11 10:27 PM: New Gameplay clips, plus a cameo from Amy! Hope you know French.

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/26/11 9:09 PM: If Ice Cap was DLC, the music would go like this.

Sonic and Classic Sonic Cutscene

UPDATE 9/22/11 9:32 PM: What do you think's happening here?

thumb|UPDATE 9/24/11 10:54 AM: If Aquatic Ruin Zone was DLC, the music would go something like this. !!!|right

thumb|UPDATE 9/24/11 10:59 AM: The Classic Remix of Mushroom Hill has been leaked. |right

thumb|UPDATE 9/25/11 11:58 AM: New gameplay clips of Green Hill and Mushroom Hill on the 3DS.|right

thumb|UPDATE 9/25/11 3:49 PM: In case you haven't seen it, here's the celebration video.|right

thumb|300px|right|UPDATE 9/25/11 5:20 PM: In case you haven't heard it, here's the Big Arm music.

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