This took place before all of Sonic Forces began and just before the end of Sonic Mania. I still wish Maria Robotnik would still come back, so I just had to add this story.





(It was One Month before The Phantom Ruby was found. My first return from the dead since fifty years, and my first reunion with the ultimate life form. After the Fire in the Sky Festival was canceled...)

Maria (Narration): The Space Colony ARK was still intact before I was cured. The first space colony ever created by mankind. Not many people know that it contained a top-secret research facility where weapons of mass destruction, and experiments of Ultimate life were being created. There's three experiments, during the Project Shadow: One; an experiment based on Chaos, a god of an ancient culture, known as... the Artificial Chaos. Two: an experiment I befriended... The Ultimate life form... Shadow the Hedgehog. He's been my best friend since a long time ago. Three: an experiment that was supposed to be encapsulated at first... The prototype of the Ultimate life form, called... The Biolizard This is a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet, code-named... the Eclipse Cannon! It's been deactivated for quite a while, until my cousin, Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge reactivated it. As I was cured, I found myself in a bacta tube where my grandfather created Shadow. I thought I was dead at first, but now I'm alive. How is it possible? No one will answer me directly... But they always have a smile about the strangest look I ever had in life.

Maria looked in the mirror on the floor in the Research lab to see the face of a Dark blonde Hedgehog, and gone over faces, emotions, and moves, when she found that her hair shows it's really her, she's like, "I had no idea I'm like this..."

Maria: (Narration): It turns out, it's my Grandfather who cured me. He explained about what happened in the events of Project Shadow, and the good news is, The Ultimate life Form, Shadow is alive, and is on Earth. "How do I get to Earth, though," I thought. I tested Shadow's Chaos Control by using a a blue Fake Chaos Emerald. I felt sad that my grandfather died, but The new hedgehog look seemed better than my "weak" Human self. I could've said, "I am not weak." like that annoying Jackal, Infinite said.

Continuing story

One day in Station Square, which was already repaired after the Perfect Chaos incident, in the cold light of dawn, Amy Rose was shopping. A police car drove by.

Cop: I'd better not catch you shoplifting.
Amy: I know...

Suddenly, she heard a loud warping sound.

Amy: Whoa! That was weird. What was that sound?

Amy went to her apartment bringing home her groceries to watch the news.

Maria was taking a walk thru the beach, one day. She remembered what happened a long time ago; the time she was raised aboard the ARK, the day she befriended Shadow, and her death. Just then, Amy appeared coming up to her.

Amy: Hold it right there!!

Something's telling Amy about what happened fifty years ago. She saw a reflection of Maria's "weak" human self compared to her new Hedgehog self. She even saw a flash back of Maria's life with a young boy, Abraham Tower.

Amy: You're not Eggman's cousin, Maria Robotnik... AREN'T you?!
Maria: Eggman!? Who's Eggman?
Amy: Dr. Ivo Robotnik. A self-proclaimed genius scientist, that is. He's officially known as "Eggman". And I bet Shadow was trying to keep his promise to you. I thought you were dead.
Maria: Well, actually my grandfather cured me. I may not be human anymore, but I'm a hedgehog. And how do you know Shadow?
Amy: Well, even though I mistook him with Sonic, since the Colony was on crash course to the World, I asked him to help us out. People wanted to be happy.
Maria: And who's Sonic?
Amy: Oh, he was just the world's fastest blue Hedgehog. I loved him so much, I wanted to marry him. And I sometimes mistake other Hedgehogs with Sonic, and I'm like, "You're not Sonic."

Three flashbacks emerges to show two of the Hedgehogs Amy mistook in this order: Flashback#1:

  • Amy ran up towards Shadow and hugs him, mistaking him with Sonic just before his team was starting to find some Chaos Emeralds and blow up Prison Island:
Amy: There you are, Sonic!
Shadow: [Gets hugged by Amy] What the-!
Amy: Oh, Sonic! I thought I'd never see you again! I'm so glad you made it!
[Amy opens her eyes and looks at Shadow as he turns around, and Amy backs up]
Amy:'re not Sonic, who are you?! [Turns to Rouge for her to listen to her]
Rouge: Our boss was the one who should be asking that question, dude!
Amy: [Turns to see Eggman pointing a gun at her] DOCTOR EGGMAN?! AAHH!! (runs)


  • It is night in Soleanna. Amy ran up towards Silver and hugs him, mistaking him with Sonic just as Silver was about to go after Sonic as the Eggman in the Egg Carrier fled with Princess Elise III:
Amy: Now I've got you, Sonic!
Silver: [Gets hugged by Amy] Hey!
Amy: It's about time I finally caught you again! [Opens her eyes and looks at Silver in shock] Hey! You're not Sonic! [Slaps him and speaks, embarrassed] Um... I'm sorry!
[Silver tumbles but tries to gain his balance. Amy buries her face in her hands as he looks at her.]
Silver: Ah, I'm... [Sees that Sonic has vanished] Huh? Hey, where'd he go? [Looks around again] He must have run off!
Amy: [Goes to Silver] I'm sorry. Did you miss someone because of me?
Silver: Ah... it's okay. I'm sure the guy I'm looking for is still on the island. I'm sure I can still find him.
Amy: [Grabs Silver's hand] Well then, I'll help you!
Silver: What?
Amy: Two heads are better than one when looking for someone!
Silver: Hey, just wait a second!
Amy: [Closed up] What's your name?
Silver: [Pauses for a moment] ...Silver.
Amy: That's a nice name. I'm Amy Rose. It's nice to meet you! [Runs off with Silver, holding his hand]
Silver: Ah... Hey, wait!


  • Sonic as a monster came up to Amy wanting to say hello at the Spagonia University, after saving her from the Dark Gaia possession:
Chip: Is... that your girlfriend?
Sonic: Hey there, my sleeping beauty Amy! Long time no see! How was your sleep?
Amy: [Turns to see Sonic as a monster] HA! I still can't believe It's you inside that... THING.
Sonic: M-ME?!
Amy: But! No matter the package... You're still my Sonic, Sonic!
Sonic: [pauses for a moment] I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
[Both Sonic, Chip and Amy laugh]

All three flashbacks ends.

Amy: Glad to see you're back from the dead, though, Maria.

Maria was surprised that Amy knows her name.

Maria: So, there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you, anyway?

Shadow said the same thing.

Amy: Me? My name is Amy Rose. I'm cute and full of energy.

Maria and Amy both game each other a fist bump.

Maria: Since you know Shadow, You remind him of myself.
Amy: Mm... perhaps.
Maria: What's that thing in you pocket?
Amy: What? My hammer?
Maria: Oh, is that your Piko Hammer?! I see.
Amy: Yup. That's what I wield.
Maria: Well, I better get going. I'm out for some air as well. Sayonara. (disappears with Chaos Control)
Amy: Bye, Maria.

Amy had the feeling about more to Maria than just looking like her. But she didn't see another Amy come up hugging her, and covering her eyes.

Amy: EEEK!
Sonic [in disguise]: Guess who!

Before Amy could turn around, Sonic reveals himself from the other Amy.

Amy: Sonic?! Why would you flirt with me?!
Sonic: Fated lovers are always drawn together, silly! [winks at Amy] Heh.
Amy: Oh, Sonic...
Sonic: What's going on, anyway?
Amy: You are SO... NOT going to believe this, Sonic! I just came back to my already repaired home when I found another female Hedgehog, which there was more to her than just looking like me. And it turns out... It's Eggman's cousin, Maria Robotnik, who's back from the dead!!
Sonic: What?! SHUT UP! Are you kidding me?!
Amy: [Laughs] C'mon! I'm NOT kidding! The professor cured her from a human INTO a hedgehog!
Sonic: Wow, Shadow's gonna be extremely happy to see her again.
Amy: Tell me about it. I just hear that name Shadow's screaming.
Sonic: Mariaaaa...
Amy: ooooohh. do it again..
Sonic: Mariaaaa...
Amy: oohohohooo. (pants)
Sonic: The time she was shot by a GUN soldier reminded me of the time I was caught dead in Mephiles's manipulation, personally, though.
Amy: [a few tear falls from her eyes] *Sniff*'s so sad. *sniff* I was worried about you when you died during the Day of Disaster... *sniff*
Sonic: [sighs] I know... *sniff*

Amy and Sonic both hugged each other, crying happily. That evening, after they sent a message to Shadow about the big news of Maria Robotnik, Sonic and Amy entered a deserted place with Animal skulls and bones that are as big as the skeleton of our own animals. Along they way, Tinker Bell dropped by. She wanted to help send the messages.

Sonic: Doesn't look like there's anyone around.
Amy: Mmm, maybe.
Tinker Bell: It gives me the creeps, though.
Amy: I know. I see you were born of laughter. Was your sister born of that laugh, too?
Tinker Bell: Yes. Unfortunately we were separate. But fortunately, when I met her, we were lucky that we're sisters, because our wings glow when she's around.
Amy: Lucky you, huh?
Sonic: I hear you reminded Shadow of Maria Robotnik, too, huh?
Amy: Yeah. I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said... But they're basically good. If they try their best and never give up on their wishes... They always have a reason to be happy. That's why Shadow should help them out... Saving them is a good thing!
Sonic: If you say so.

Sonic's hand was sitting on a tusk of an elephant skull. It made a big crack that opened a big hole which Sonic fell in.

Sonic: WHOA~!!
Amy: (turns around) Sonic?
Sonic: (pops out from the hole) Right here. (gets out of the hole and cleans himself)
Tinker Bell: Are you alright?
Sonic: Yeah. I mean sure clean-up's gonna be a chore, but it's got good bones. (chuckles) After all, this is an animal graveyard. And who would ever come to an animal graveyard?
Amy: (checks Miles Electric) Well, that place is where animals go there to die at an old age.
Sonic: Old age, huh? Personally, I wouldn't be eaten dead by a monster.

Suddenly they heard a roar.

Amy: What was that...?
Sonic: What was what?!
Tinker Bell: Was it a lion?
Sonamy: (screaming in fear) (scrambled to take cover in the elephant skull)

A giant lion, who roared again, King Mufasa and his trusted adviser, Zazu appeared.

Zazu: Sire, the squad of jackals are after the children!

Mufasa began attacking Jackal Squad lead by the Ultimate Mercenary, Zero the Jackal. It was a big struggle. Sonic and Amy peeked out of the eye sockets of the elephant skull. Sonic could see a picture of Infinite's future self with a mask and a phantom ruby prototype.

Sonic: (whispers) He is not weak.
Amy: (whispers) What did you just say?
Sonic: (whispers) I just saw a picture of Zero's future self with a mask and a mysterious gemstone.
Amy: (whispers) Well, that's what it takes to be Infinite.

But the battle pauses

Infinite: Did someone say "I am not weak"? Like, I'M not weak, not anyone of you guys?
Sonic: That was us. Sorry, Jackal Squad.
Jackal Soldier: Hey, who's the rats?
Sonic: Rats?!
Amy: US?!
Sonamy: (pop out of the eye sockets) THEY CALL ME... MR. AND MRS.... RATS!!! (screaming in anger)

Amy pulled out her hammer and with their high-speed shoes and boots they charged towards attacked Jackal squad for Mufasa. With the final blow, they used chaos blast making half a circle in a given radius, blowing the jackals away. But Jackal Squad fled.

later, after sending the same message to Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Amy explored the rest of the graveyard.

Amy: Uh, Sonic? Would this be a bad time to bring up that little place You told me about?
Sonic: (puts Amy down) Man, It's kinda pretty dangerous to touch that magma after we got across THAT pool. (lays on a small volcano) I feel like I... (volcano erupts burning Sonic's butt, sending him flying in the air) (screaming in heat pain) That's hot!
Amy: Are you alright?
Sonic: Yeah, I'm alright. My butt's on (singing) FIREBALL!!! (stood next to Amy)
Amy: That seventh word you said? I love that song!
Sonic: I love it, too!

Suddenly music plays, light turns yellow and a parade of Jackals came by. Every jackal is a member of Jackal Squad.

Sonic: Something tells me this ain't the traveling company of river dance.
Amy: (turns to Sonic) Maybe.

So, Sonic and Amy left the Graveyard.

Later, that night, Shadow was out for some fresh air, when he saw the message Sonic and Amy sent floating in the air. Shadow caught it opened the envelope and read a piece of notebook paper about what happened.

Big News, Shadow!
I guess we could say Maria Robotnik is back once again!
Her Grandfather cured her from human to a hedgehog.
Hope she's happy to see you again SOON!
We're all super excited about your beloved girlfriend!
Hugs and kisses to Team Dark!
Sincerely, Sonamy (Sonic and Amy)

Shadow just smiled.

Shadow: (whistles) That couple has some nice handwriting.

So Shadow went off to follow a butterfly to where Maria is. Sonic and Amy followed. And that's where they found Maria Robotnik as a Hedgehog.

Maria: (turns around) Hello, Shadow. Long time, no see.

Shadow could see a picture of Maria's human self compared to her hedgehog self.

Shadow: Well, I'l be... Maria? Is that really you?
Maria: Yes, Shadow. It's me.

Shadow's eyes changed into hearts. He and Maria both embraces each other.

Shadow: Oh, Maria! I missed you so much! *sniff* I thought I would lose you forever!
Amy: Aw, they're reunited at last.
Sonic: Guess they found true love. Oh well.
Maria: *sniff* It's alright, Shadow. I'm back. And I'm not leaving, just yet.



  • Maria Robotnik should return in my opinion in the future.
  • This is the first time Sonic flirts with Amy.
  • Sonic's disguise reassembles Amy's design from Sonic Free Riders.
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