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    Sonic amiibo

    January 20, 2020 by Mystic Monkey

    I finally got one. Though given I don't play Smash Bros. I'm not entirely sure what I will do with it. I kinda hoped that someday there will be a game like LEGO Dimensions but with amiibo (I do have LEGO Sonic Level Pack) but so far there is only a few games Nintendo have where Sonic's amiibo will only do a few things.

    Still, I will count this a point in my "PlayStation 4 or Switch" decision. So far I am leaning towards getting a Switch because the PlayStation 5 will be released sometime this year. So I might get a Switch and a PS5.

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  • Mystic Monkey

    This blog is a "sequal blog" of sorts to my older blog "What makes a Sonic Adventure game". A blog that covers my thoughts and oppinions on what Sega could do to reintroduce the games Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle as a remastered compilation as well as what they could do for Sonic Adventure 3 if they ever decide to make it.

    This blog is on the same subject of the idea of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 being remastered as a compilation (for short, let's call it SA1&2) but given I would keep such remastery faithful to the original games this blog covers more on the subject of chao and the chao gardens in both games which would be the only features in both games I would rehaul.

    I figured that if it was the year 1999 or 2000, if…

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  • Mystic Monkey

    With the upcoming Sonic movie leaving a bad taste for most fans, I decided to share my ideas for a Sonic movie.

    My movie in mind will also be live-action with CGI Sonic. (If it were entirely CGI I would go with a more different story.)

    It's hard to describe what I have in mind for how I see Sonic. In short I would like Sonic to look to a degree "realistic" but unlike the hairy little gremlin in the upcoming movie, my take on Sonic will have a more animal-shaped apperance while being more faithful to how Sonic appears in the games.

    Think of it like the pokémon from Detective Pikachu. They're still recognisable as pokémon but have more realistic features such as fur, eyes and such.

    I would also like to give my version of Sonic sharp teeth to emp…

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  • Mystic Monkey

    Somewhat a sequal to this blog.

    If you're a fan of such games as Dungeons & Dragons, The Dark Eye/Das Schwarze Auge, GURPS or other various TTRPGs then being a Sonic fan yourself reading this blog you maybe interested to know that I have refined my set of gameplay rules for a Sonic the Hedgehog tabletop role-playing game.

    Sonic the Hedgehog TTRPG Manual.

    Usually TTRPGs require a variety of dice or character sheets with various attributes and maths to do. But given this TTRP is an adaption of the gameplay from the Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks means that the gameplay is suppose to be easy for anyone to sit in and to play. If the individual has no prior experiance with TTRPGs or very least play the Fantail gamebooks then it should be easier…

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  • Mystic Monkey


    February 7, 2019 by Mystic Monkey

    This is purely in consideration. Nothing planned, set in stone or anything for SNN.

    I've been considering this for years but never step up on it because I do see some pros and cons for it.

    Let's say purely hypothetically that Sega will release a "Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games". Sega has made no such announcement for such a game. But lets say there will be.

    How would Sonic News Network as a communuty feel about throwing the gauntlet down to the Mario Wiki as we host our very own Olympics?

    I had this idea since the Rio Olympics. The idea is we play various M&S Olympic events that corrospond to actual Olympic events that are going on (or very least we do the order of the Olympic events at our own time). The only staple rule would b…

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