Yay! a blog on the main character! I think Sonic can be somewhat annoying at times, he remindes me of my older brother in a way. Sonic is the hero and everyone knows that if one of his friends are in trouble, he will be there. I kinda wish SEGA would give him a weekness other than cheesy water... I mean, in Sonic Rush there are water levels, and her ran through them just fine! Also, can't he let Eggman win just once? I mean, just to make it interesting! Then he can come back and make everyhitng right. Sonic's also cheesy jokes sometimes bug me. I mean cum on! cheesy catch phrases are good, but not when there is like 50 of them! And doesn't everyone want to hear Jason Griffith say, "Time to juice and jam"? may be just me, but I wish the games had some of the lame catch phrases instead of making one for evey game! And does Sonic have ADHD? He can't even make a date with Amy and make it! He decided to go be a knight instead! Sorry Sonic but some of the games arn't doing oyu justice... Wait! Sonic gat a new voice! Oh SEGA... I will miss Jason Griffith! I mean, I grew up with him being Sonic! It's not going to be the same! Sorry for the people who have Sonic as their fav character but SEGA just keeps making him cheesyer and cheesyer as the games go on. They need a comeback game to make him cool again! I hope that Sonic gen. does that. But old Sonic doesn't talk so that makes me sad... ok! Tha's my take on Sonic!

Makotoviva 00:39, October 26, 2011 (UTC) Any questions? You know who to ask

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