• Madeinheavens

    ideas for a sonic racing game on extremegear, karts, and motorcycles.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (E)

    Miles Tails Prower (E)

    Knuckles the Echidna (M)

    Shadow the Hedgehog (M)

    Rouge the Bat (M)

    Dr. Eggman (K)

    Amy Rose (E)

    Metal Sonic (M)

    Silver the Hedgehog (M)

    Blaze the Cat (E)

    Vector the Crocidile (K)

    Espio the Chameleon (M)

    Charmy Bee (E)

    Jet the Hawk (E)

    Wave the Swallow (M)

    Storm the Albratross (K)

    Tikal the Echidna (E)

    Chaos (K)

    Marine the Racoon (K)

    E-123 Omega (K)

    E-102 Gamma (K)

    Bean the Dynamite (E)

    Bark the Polarbear (K)

    Fang the Sniper (M)

    Mighty the Armadillo (E)

    Ray the Flying Squirrel (M)

    Big the Cat (K)

    Cream the Rabbit (K)

    Vanilla the Rabbit (K)

    • Grand Prix
    • Time Trial
    • Mission Mode
    • Battle Mode
    • Multi-Player
    • Free Race

    • Spring - used as a trap. It is put on the ground and an…

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