Hey everyone.  I want to share my thoughts on Sonic Forces.

I got it for the Nintendo Switch, and right off the bat, I'd say it's a fun platformer.  With Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, it definitely feels like a spiritual successor to 2011's Generations even though it is a standalone title.  The Avatar feature is also a clever addition; I chose the Wolf ability as my character, just to get a feel for it.  Collecting Red Star Rings to unlock items for the Avatar is a nice reward system as well, and definitely adds a fair amount of replay value.

If you're wondering what I thought of people giving the game negative reviews, I think they're being too harsh on the game.  It has its flaws, but so do other 3-D platformers out there.  Personally, I think Forces may not be as good as Mania, but it's up there.  It's just as tolerable as previous entries IMO.

There you have it, folks.  My thoughts on Sonic Forces.  Feel free to drop a comment below.

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