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  • I live in Portland, Oregon
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Future college student, present bum.
  • I am Male Mammalian
  • Kagimizu


    October 7, 2009 by Kagimizu

    Well, these are all of my characters that I have currently created:

    • Statyx the Hedgehog
    • Fou the Phoenix
    • Wolfe the Hunter
    • Valdez Vulture
    • Burst the Hedgehog
    • Cryo the Cat
    • Malisa the Mink
    • Elise the Hedgehog
    • Kowa the Hedgehog
    • Holly the Fox
    • Michelle the Porcupine
    • E-102 Gamma MkII

    Granted, some of them aren't complete yet, but I'd like to hear what people think of them, and why. So, tell me what you think about my characters!

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  • Kagimizu

    Statyx Comedy Moments

    September 6, 2009 by Kagimizu

    Inspired by the well-known blog Tip of the Day, this blog involves funny moments with the Green Bolt himself, Statyx the Hedgehog. Of course, there's one big difference: These moments have no lesson or morals! That's right, just plain old comedy involving Statyx, his friends, rivals, and maybe even enemies.

    • Note: I plan on using several characters in this, both real and fanon. I plan on making (good-natured) fun of characters, so if anyone finds the use of their character offensive in any way, please tell me, and I will remedy the situation immediately.

    [Statyx is walking with Blaze, spots Shadow]
    Statyx: Hey Shadow!
    Shadow: Oh, hey Staty-!
    Kit: *grabs Shadow* Shadzy! I thought you said we were going on a date today?
    Shadow: Oh uh, er, that is to…

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  • Kagimizu

    SNN: X Years Later

    August 31, 2009 by Kagimizu

    Well, this has been an idea of mine for a while, but I'm just now putting it up. Anyway, this blog is about SNN and it's future. I want to hear from Users what they think the SNN will be like in 5, 10, heck, even 50 years from now. I'd also like to hear from Users what they think they'll be doing here in the future, and any projects they have in mind. Personally, I plan on being here for a loooooooooooooooooong time, if I can help it. I know this is a deep subject, but let's not let it get us down. After all, you never know what the future holds.

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  • Kagimizu

    Pairing Topic

    July 23, 2009 by Kagimizu

    Well, this is my first blog, so I thought I'd make it about something I thought was (and is) worthwhile. You see, I want to try and bring decent pairing articles about. I have talked to other Users who approve, but I want to hear what alot of people think. So, tell me what you think about the idea, my guidelines (I'll put them up soon enough, or see them on my User Page), and whatever ideas you might have to make pairings less controviersial. Thanks, but if you have negative thoughts on the subject, no bad words please (or at least censor them).

    Well, here are the guidelines for pairings I have come up with:

    1. The characters must have met face-to-face in current canon.
    2. Both characters must be alive.
    3a. One-game characters cannot be used in …
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