Sonic acidentally wrecked Tails' experiment, Shadow tries to tell him to tell Tails what he did.


[The scene opens up on an exterior shot of Prison Island on a sunny day; Sonic leaps out of jail to perform for the viewer.]

Sonic: "Watch in awe, as The Amazing Sonic displays his unbelievable yo-yo skills! I shall now "walk the hedgehog"!" [Shadow enters the scene, carrying Sonic's light speed shoes.]

Shadow: Here's your shoes.

Sonic: "Not me and you, Shadow. I meant the yo-yo." [Shadow walks out of the scene sighing; Sonic does his "walk the hedgehog" trick.] "I shall now go "AROUND THE WORLD"!" [Shadow enters the scene, carrying a suitcase.]

Shadow: Let's pack up.

Sonic: "Sorry, still talking about the yo-yo."

[Shadow growls, and he walks out of the scene; Sonic attempts to do the "around the world" trick, but the yo-yo flies off his finger, ricochets around the hallway, and flies into a jail cell, causing a crash.]

Sonic: [nervous; gulp] "The Amazing Sonic will now take a brief intermission." [Sonic and Shadow look into the cell, and they see that the bottles on Tails' desk have been broken, with their contents spilled.]

Sonic: "Oh my. I gotta go tell Tails." [flashes into Sonic's imagination, where Tails observes the damage in a dark, stylized environment.]

Tails: [turning red with anger, with his teeth sharpened.] "You've super really completely DESTROYED MY LIFE'S WORK!!! NOW I DESPISE YOU, AND YOU NO LONGER EXIST TO ME FOREVER!"

[a wall of fire burns in the background behind her, along with a cultist choir, as the scene flashes back to Sonic.] Sonic: "Nuh-uh, I'm not telling Tails."

Shadow: Listen to your conscience!

Sonic: "Oh, come on, Shadow. When did you or I get a conscience? Besides, if I just walks away, what's the worst that can happen?"

Shadow: He never listens.

Sonic: "I'll just remove the evidence, and no one will be none the wiser."

[transitions to Tails, who is examining the damage on his desk.]

Tails: "Hey, I don't understand what's wrong. Science is a fickle mistress."

[Amy and Charmy is looking over a hole in the wall causes by the explosion, which leads to the closet in Amy's cell; Cream pokes her head through the hole.]

Cream: "Hi, Amy! Have we always had a window in our closet?"

Amy: "Ugh, it's not a window. Tails' experiment blew a hole in the wall." [notices a picture frame peeking out from the other side.] "What's this?" [Amy sees that the frame contains a signed photo of Sonic.]

Amy: "'For my bodacious babe'? Cream, why is this picture of Sonic hidden on your side of the closet?"

Cream: "Oh, there is it is! That was a surprise present from Sonic for your 88-day-iversary. He asked me to hide it for him, but I forgot where I put it."

Amy: "That anniversary was eight days ago, and Sonic gave me cats! I can't believe this! You're literally seeing Sonic behind my back! You are no longer my sister!"

Sonic: [walks into the cell with Shadow; nervous] "Everything okay after that unexpected and totally random explosion that I know nothing about?"

[Amy shouts in anger, marches out of the room, and slams the door; a coat rack in the closet falls onto Charmy, knocking him out; a shelf also tips over, causing several pairs of shoes to fall on him.]

[Charmy opens his eyes as he regains consciousness on Tails' bed; Sonic, Shadow and Tails are looking down on him.]

Charmy: "What happened?"

Shadow: "A shelf fell on your head."

Charmy: "Yes! Everyone knows that an object falling at a velocity of 9.8 meters per second squared will result in a temporary loss of consciousness."

Tails: "Wait a minute, I knew that! The question is, how did you?"

Sonic: "Hey, I saw this in a movie once. I bet getting hit on the head altered Charmy's brain and made him smart."

Tails: "Sonic, you seem unable to distinguish between scientific fact and preposterous Hollywood schlock."

Charmy: "I don't get it."

Tails: "See? Same old Charmy. Can't even understand simple English."

Charmy: [walks over to Tails' chalkboard, which contains a complex 'equation.] "Wrong, I don't get why you multiplied your "Z" polynomials before solving your non-negative integer exponents." [Tails looks over the equation, and gasps loudly as it dawns on him that Charmy is right.]

Charmy: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to disprove Newtonian physics. See ya!"

Tails: [collapses to the floor, crestfallen]" And now my world no longer makes sense."

[Shadow looks up and growls at Sonic.]

Shadow: I knew it! Let see what disaster we have next!

[Sonic and Shadow teleport to the other side of the platform; Knuckles lands, enraged, screaming; Knuckles pants in rage]

[Enter Rouge]

Rouge: Why are you upset?

Knuckles: "I just got kicked off all my sports teams because I'm failing them!"

Shadow: "How could you fail? Doesn't Tails tutor you?"

Knuckles: "He used to, until he dropped out and got a job as a gas station attendant at Big's Food and Fuel."

Sonic: "He WHAT?!?!


Cream: "I don't understand why she disowned me. [get kicked in the face by Knuckles] AH! MY EARS! [gasps] Now I'm a"

Sonic: "It's not that bad, Cream."

Cream: "MY LIFE IS GONE!" [hurts her teeth] NOW MY TEETH ARE HURT!!! [cries]: NOOOOOO!!!

[Shadow looks up at Sonic, and he shakes his head in disapproval.]

Sonic: "Fine, I'll fix it."

[Sonic and Shadow ride their cars over to Big's Food & Fuel, and they sees Tails wearing a gas station attendant's uniform.]

Sonic: "Tails, why are you doing this?"

Tails: "Big's the only guy who will hire eight-year-olds with no experience."

Shadow: "No, he meant, why are you doing any of this? Come home! Knuckles needs your help!"

Tails: "Why don't you get Smarty-helmet to help him!" [Charmy drives up in a yellow convertible.] "Speak of the Devil. Regular or unleaded?

Charmy: [brandishes a certificate] "Oh, I don't need gas. I just won the Nobel Prize for inventing a car that runs on tea."

Tails: "Of course you did."

Charmy: [hands Tails a tea box] "Fill 'em up, please!"

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