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    [Gigan Rocks. The Babylon Rogues are standing in front of a stone keyboard which has a chalice with an Ark of the Cosmos in it. Jet presses some keys while Wave and Storm are standing behind him. Wave and Storm are a bit scared. Jet thinks for a moment.]

    Jet: That takes care of that trap.
    Wave: [Nods]
    Storm: [Hits his fists together] Yup! Huh?
    [Shadow and Rouge fly down]
    Jet: You again?
    Shadow: Rouge wanted to find the treasure at the Gigan Rocks.
    Rouge: Are you finding treasure, too?
    Wave: Yes.
    [Wave, Storm, Shadow and Rouge are waiting for Jet to take the Ark of the Cosmos. Jet takes it steadily out of the chalice.]
    Jet: [Holds the Arks of the Cosmos up] I got it!
    Wave: [Sees a shooting star in the sky] Look, a shooting star. [Closes her eyes and p…

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    Doggy Effect

    September 23, 2018 by JPerrin

    Sonic acidentally wrecked Tails' experiment, Shadow tries to tell him to tell Tails what he did.

    [The scene opens up on an exterior shot of Prison Island on a sunny day; Sonic leaps out of jail to perform for the viewer.]

    Sonic: "Watch in awe, as The Amazing Sonic displays his unbelievable yo-yo skills! I shall now "walk the hedgehog"!" [Shadow enters the scene, carrying Sonic's light speed shoes.]

    Shadow: Here's your shoes.

    Sonic: "Not me and you, Shadow. I meant the yo-yo." [Shadow walks out of the scene sighing; Sonic does his "walk the hedgehog" trick.] "I shall now go "AROUND THE WORLD"!" [Shadow enters the scene, carrying a suitcase.]

    Shadow: Let's pack up.

    Sonic: "Sorry, still talking about the yo-yo."

    [Shadow growls, and he walks out of the s…

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    Movie No. 6 [Starlight Carnival. Sonic does some recon while thinking to himself.] Sonic: If I was an alien in need of saving, where would I be? [Looks at a generator junction box] Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows. Huh? [A robot boss appears. The Frigate Orcan appears instead.] Sonic: Experience has also taught me that the best way to solve problems is to kick robot butt. Dr. Eggman (speaker): Visitors are cautioned to avoid feeding, petting, or saving any aliens. Sonic: Excuse me giant killer robot. You wanna do this the hard way or the easy way? [The enemy fires at Sonic and he jumps out of the way.]

    Sonic: Somehow, I knew you'd say that. Let's dance!

    Movie No. 7 [Starlight Carnival. The generator is deactivated,…

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    Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia - Tara Strong

    Massachusetts, Kansas, Texas, Arizona -  Lara Jill Miller

    Kentucky - Dan Green

    Oklahoma,, North Dakota - Travis Willingham

    North Carolina - Andre Robinson

    Tennessee, Nebraska, Virginia, Idaho - Collin Dean

    Ohio, Michigan- Jaden Perrin (Me)

    Alabama, Mississippi - Michelle Ruff

    Connecticut, Rhode Island - Amy Palant

    Florida, South Dakota - Colleen Villard

    Montana, Washington, Maryland, Alaska, Maine - Kate Higgins

    Indiana, Illinois, New York - Jason Griffith

    Minnesota, Wisconsin - Roger Craig Smith

    Arkansas, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Utah, Hawaii, Nevada - Grey DeLisle

    New Jersey - Kirk Thornton

    Missouri, Louisiana - Lisa Ortiz

    Washington D.C., New Hampshire - Laura Bailey

    Vermont - Mike Pollock

    Iowa - Cristi…

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  • JPerrin

    Stage 1 (Heroes): Snowy Kingdom (Standard)

    Stage 1 (Babylon): Galactic Parade (Standard)

    Stage 1 (Dark): Aquatic Capital (Expert)

    Stage 1 (Rose): MeteorTech Sparkworks (Expert)

    Stage 2 (Heroes): Aquatic Capital (Standard)

    Stage 2 (Babylon): MeteorTech Sparkworks (Standard)

    Stage 2 (Dark): Snowy Kingdom (Expert)

    Stage 2 (Rose): Galactic Parade (Expert)

    Stage 3 (Heroes): Asteroid Coaster (Standard)

    Stage 3 (Babylon): Park Avenue (Standard)

    Stage 3 (Dark): Park Avenue (Expert)

    Stage 3 (Rose): Asteroid Coaster (Expert)

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