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  • HyperHearts58

    Merry Holidays SNN!

    November 30, 2011 by HyperHearts58

    Owww TT_TT My hands hurt so much after this, I don't have the fancy stuff, I have Paint, but anywho Merry Holidays guyz! Love yall!

    It's my new binder cover ^^

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  • HyperHearts58

    Yes, the one that is bringing to you SNN Generations is back with another side project! I have planned and soon am creating a new Sonic Fan Wiki. As said in title it will not be as corrupt and well disorderly as Sonic Fanon. We have some good Admins on our side which include myself, Free, and CC. I hope to see your there. Especially if you have a good fanfic or fancharacter that you want to put out in public instead of making User-side page on here. And avoid all the crazyness of the pre-existing Fanon Wiki. I ask you to join only if you want. And I hope uyou have a good time. It doesn't matter if you don't like this idea or not I'm STILL doing it. Thank you for your attention and hope to see you soon. Link is coming soon.

    Call me Hyper, Ca…

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  • HyperHearts58

    SNN Generations

    November 5, 2011 by HyperHearts58

    I hate bringing up stuff from the past but, last week was suposed to be the first week of Sonic School. So yeah that was a disappointment... But anyways this time I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!

    I had an idea that we could make this story as a community, maybe! It would be like Sonic Generations, but with a lot more characters and many adventures. I was hoping all the users that are interested could come together and we could make a story that would keep building up like one great adventure that never ends. We could make our characters meet new characters from other users and we could go in order time-wise how the chracters appear or join the story. Like from the longest contributing users to the newer users! Whaddya think? Do you think you would lik…

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  • HyperHearts58

    Honestly, I just did this so my art could get a little more recognization, so uhm, yarly, let's start. :) TBA

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  • HyperHearts58

    Okay, to continue the school I'm gonna need A Geography teacher, the teacher had to quit so it's open now. Also as said in the title we have like NO students. And if by Holloween no-one enters it's getting cancelled. Also the first Teacher's Meeting will be on Sunday the 30th of October. Plz those who are interested contact me at my talk page.

    My brain's about the size of a grape. Either a really big raisin or a really small grape. 01:51, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

    The Classes being tought are:

    Music (TheWarGame)

    Art (Mewkat and RainbowRoad)

    Geography (Bullet Francisco)

    Sonic's Comics (OPEN! Plz apply!)

    Old Sonic Cartoons (Mariosonic15)

    Game Creator (OPEN! Plz apply!)

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