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~~**Seeing Red**~~ Sonic ran as the crazy doctor chased after him with a tranquillizer in tow.

"I better find somewhere to escape soon or I'm waking up in a cell!" Sonic thought aloud.

"I've got you hedgehog." Doctor Mistery smirked as the crosshairs aligned and targeted the blue blur.

He fired and soon the non-rodent dropped unconscious to the floor.

The Doctor walked over to him, kicked him to ensure his enemy was knocked out for sure, and flung the hedgehog over his shoulders and ran of to his base.

"Whuh....?" Sonic opened his eyes to a blurry and dark world.

"Finally you're awake. I want you to witness this non-rodent." Doctor's voice came from the shadows as his bight and erie red eyes came into view.

"Witness what, Mister?" Sonic glared.

"The Doctor then whipped out a surprisingly long needle filled with red liquid and labled 'type 4S'.

Sonic winced at the size of the shot, "What the heck?!"

"Really? Sonic the great and powerful hedgehog scared of a little needle? What a shame.", he flicked the needle, "you won't be able to run away from this."

With that he forced the needle into Sonic's chest, precisly where his heart is, and the red liquid soon disappeared as it seeped inside the pained hedgehog.

"YAHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed loudly.

The Doctor removed the needle and disposed of it as he watched Sonic clutch his chest in burning-red pain, "What-what was that about?"

"I'd like to introduce to you Sonic, the blood type 4S." He smirked evily.

"Blood type?" A smile crept across Sonic's face, "Hahaha for all I know you're putting some kind of floverful energy drink in me!" He continued as it grew into a laugh.

Doctor mumbled under his breath and pressed a button that made a weird watch/bracelet looking device appear and it attached itself to Sonic.

"Ow! What's up with you and pinning me with stuff!" Sonic shouted sarcastically.

"Take a look hedgehog. At this moment that device is taking a blood test to see what type you have." Doctor smirked.

Sonic looked down at it and saw it said, 'Blood Unverified'. Sonic looked back up to Doctor wth surprised eyes.

"Yes, Sonic. Now you know what you're up against." Doctor placed a hand on Sonic's shoulder.

Sonic shrugged his hand off, "I may have new blood but it still boils whenever you speak to me." Sonic growled in a new-found anger, "Now you tell me Doctor, what is my diagnosis?"

"Oh there is plenty to tell, hedgehog." Doctor smiled evily. Sonic glared back.

"The symptoms of this new life-source, are decreased speed, reversed personality at the most random of times, and even unconsciouness or death." He said the last one with pure pleasure.

"You're lying you faker." Sonic snarled his teeth clenched.

"Oh is that anger I hear? Doesn't sound a lot like you doesn't it Sonic?" Doctor pointed out one of the symptoms.

Sonic's eyes flashed back to green as the words hit him.

Was the Doctor..., right? Was his speed, his relations, his LIFE in jepordy?

Sonic looked to the ground in disbelief. He couldn't believe what was happening. "Soon," he thought "Soon everything I ever loved or cared about will be gone,...I'll be..gone." he murmered.

The Doctor was indeed enjoying this, for once he had gotten the hedgehog to fall to his knees awaiting his unexpected death.

Sonic's mind was racing as the future events brought images into his head, very BAD images.

"You-you!," Sonic's voice yelled echoing through the silent lab and bringing a scare into the surprised Doctor's body.

"I-I can't believe I let you do this to me!!!" Sonic continued a crazed look on his face as his eys flashed back to a pulsing red. He started to stomp towards the Doctor who's eyes quickly flashed with a hint of fear but he stood his round.

"First you're taking the only thing I still own from my parents! My speed!" Sonic shouted like before. The scared Doctor pushed a rolling table in his way but it didn't faze the angered hedgehog as he pushed the table all the way to the other side of the room with an ear-destroying 'BANG!' "Then you're gonna take my friends away! Hey maybe, without my speed they just won't think I'm cool anymore and just leave me! Like I'm trash or something!" He continued, his voice growing gradually louder. The Doctor hid in an escape pod as Sonic came closer to him, his shadow filling the sphere-like machine with darkness. Sonic slammed the door open and looked at the Doctor with the same crazed face and pulsing eyes as he gave a painful laugh. Lan you know what's the BEST part of your plan," Sonic's head snapped back to the Doctor and without warning Sonic jumped into the pod "Its. Never. Gonna. WORK!" And with that he stomped on the pod floor sending both of them to their presumed death.

They crashed with a thundering 'BOOM' as the pod shattered into large pieces. Unfortunately for Sonic one of the pod pieces had sliced him in the leg leaving him paralyzed at the moment. Sonic's eyes reverted back to green as his vision blurred and the last look he got till he blacked out was the Doctor's smirk.

Sonic woke with a long and painful groan as the after-pain of the shot and the gash in his leg woke him with a vengeance. He looked around at his surroundings, he was... home? Well Hyper's home anyways. Sonic tried to collect as much memory from last night as he could but he sure didn't remember getting here. Suddenly a familiar fox came in through his door, "Oh sorry, Sonic I didn't mean to wake you." Tails said innocently. "It's alright buddy." Sonic shrugged it off happy to see someone else face other than the Doctor's. "How's your leg doing? Hyper's dad came just in time. You were losing a lot of blood. He saved your life." Tails said. "Saved my life?" Sonic looked at Tails like he was the craziest boy he had ever seen. "Yeah, he...did." Tails was taken back a little at Sonic's question. Sonic's head was pounding with sudden thoughts about last night. "That... liar..." Sonic rose to his feet and walked towards the door. "What...where are you going Sonic?" Tails asked confused as he walks towards Sonic. "I'm going to beat some sense into that Doctor, that's what and where." Sonic's eyes fluttered red for a few seconds. "Ow.." he groaned as he fell to his knees rubbing his eyes. "Are you okay, Sonic?" Tails asked. "Yeah, I'm fine.. just something in my eye.." Sonic started towards the main corridor where most likely the family was. Sonic flung the doors open as the family jumped to the sound. "Oh, that was you Sonic, how are you feeling dear?" Hyper's mom Angie inquired as she walked over to Sonic. "I'm fine Miss Hearts. I just have something to say to your husband." Sonic smiled at her. Doctor's eyes came up from a glance as he was in his chair reading a book. "Oh hello, Sonic. Did you sleep well?" Doctor asked as if the whole night before never existed. "I slept fine, thank you for asking. But unfortunately for you, you won't be waking up when I'm done with you!" with that Sonic held a fist and swung it towards his face. But Doctor got out the way just in time. "Sonic! What are you doing?!" Tails shouted as he ran towards the crazed hedgehog. "Back off Tails I don't want you to get hurt!" Sonic commanded but the fox grabbed Sonic's free hand and tugged him screaming, "Leave him alone Sonic! What's wrong with you?!" "Nothing's wrong with me!" Sonic's eyes glared red again as he turned but the fox wasn't in sight. In the process Sonic had accidentally punched Tails in the face while he broke his hand free from Tails' grip. And the fox was on the floor holding his bleeding nose. "Oh Tails honey!" Mrs. Hearts ran over to Tails and helped him up. Before Tails and her left the room she glared at Sonic. Sonic's eyes returned back to green as he noticed what had just happened. "What monster have you turned me into?" Sonic looked at Doctor. The Doctor gave a smirk, "My monster."

Sonic was more than aware of where the young fox had disappeared as he walked towards the candy-colored workshop. Sonic rapped lightly on the door. Suddenly the buzz-saw sound come again. Sonic creaked the door open and greeted Tails with, "Hey buddy... how're yah healing?" Tails answered with a, "Fine." Not taking his eyes away from his invention. Sonic wasn't the best with words so he just looked around him at all the interesting tools on the walls. He had never been inside Tails' shop long enough to notice how fascinating the kit had made the abandoned hut when he and Tails first got settled in.

Call me Hyper, Call me Hearts Just don't call me 58, Cuz I'm not that old!

"So, you have any workshops around here?" Tails asked.

"Fraid not Tails." Hyper gave Tails a frown.

"Not for long!" Tails piped, "Do you have any unused huts or storage places you dont need anymore?"

"Hmm..let me think.." Hyper's face lighted up as she suddenly took Tails' hand and ran back towards her house.

"Wha?! Hey! Don't forget about me!" Sonic said as he zoomed after Hyper and his little brother.

He caught up with them when they re-entered Hyper's property.

"I think I remember where we're going." she nodded to Sonic to follow.

Suddenly she ran again but at a fraction of a speed she was going before, signaling that it wasn't far from here.

Hyper grinned when Tails spotted what she was talking about.

The young fox took off down the hill to the hidden hut.

Sonic laughed at Tails' chil-like happiness.

"Heh-heh, looks like lil' bro's really enjoying it here." Sonic said to Hyper.

Hyper nodded and they both took down the hill to catch up with the kit.

Call me Hyper, Call me Hearts Just don't call me 58, Cuz I'm not that old!

Sonic's thoughts were disrupted when he noticed Tails' glare and demanding tone.

"SONIC!" Tails screamed one last time before the blue blur snapped out of his trance.

"Whuh?! Oh,Tails..." he turned to him.

"What. Do you. Want." Tails seemed to demand an answer from the hedgehog.

"I...uh...just wanted to apologize for hurting you. You know I never meant it, right?" Sonic fiddled with his fingers and avoided eye contact from Tails' almost piercing blue diamond eyes. Tails seemed to give a small laugh, "You don't need to say you're sorry, Sonic. I know you are." Tails lifted his head hoping to see emerald green eyes staring back at him with a warm smile. Instead those emerald eyes were focused elsewhere as Sonic's ears flicked with surprise. "You're not mad? Then why are you trying to avoid me?" Sonic asked now looking at the young fox. "I'm not trying to avoid you Sonic. I just wanna be alone for awhile." Sonic still looked hurt as he kept his gaze on Tails' bandaged nose and muzzle with worried eyes. Tails searched for a way to connect to Sonic. He started, "Y'know like how you run to clear you mind?" he looked back up to Sonic, searching for a sign that the hedgehog believed him. Sonic gave a nod. Tails' eyes went back down to his work. "Well it's kinda like that. I need some time to clear my head." Sonic nodded in an understanding motion, "Okay buddy, I'll be around if you need me." Sonic walked over to the door. Before he could whisper out a good-bye Tails said somthing Sonic hadn't heard since the fox was little, "I love you, big bro." Sonic gave a genuine smile at the greeting and tried to keep in memorial tears as he mumbled out a, "Love you too, lil' bro."

He shut the door and strode back towards the house.

Crash! Bang!

Sonic turned, to find the source of the sound, in a fighting stance ready to confront someone or something.


He finally noticed the sounds were coming from a pink and faded abandoned hut not far from Tails' workshop. He ran over to it and another crash was heard. "Darn it! Too darn small for this place!" cried a frustrated but familiar voice. "Hyper?!" Sonic almost laughed. Hyper appeard in the small door-way, "Eheh heh, hey Sonic, did I give you a scare?" Hyper smiled. "Nah. Not really... So uh, whatcha up to?" Sonic asked as he knelt down to the small playhouse's size. "Just going to collect a few stuff from here. We're gonna tear it down soon..." Hyper's eyes were distant with a look of hurt. "Somethin' wrong, 'Speedsess." he called Hyper by her nickname he had given her. She seemed to brighten up at the comment. "I'm fine, Sonic, just kinda upset. This is the place my dad and I used to go to all the time." she gave a sad smile.

Sonic frowned understandingly as Hyper's eyes locked on an old picture of her younger self and her biological father. Sonic turned away almost looking hurt. He knew how it felt to not have a father. In fact he knew how it felt to not have a family until he found Tails, Knuckles, Amy and all the others. he had no idea what happened to his parents or if he them. Nightmares sometimes haunted him with thoughts of being created in a lab. But that was Shadow's back-story not his. He shook the thoughts out of his head as he searched his mind for something to say to the 'Speedsess'. "So I guess teh old Hyper liked pink alot?" he broke the silence. "Whuh? Oh yeah. Heh heh. I was quite the girly-girl." Hyper laughed. "No way! Doesn't sound like the 'Speedsess' I know!" Sonic pushed her playfully. Hyper returned with a punch in the arm. Sonic recoiled to the ground as if he had been struck fataly to keep the young 'Speedsess' laughing. "You're stupid." she laughed as he sat back up. "C'mon, 'Speedsess' it's gettin' cramped in here let's go head downtown. Maybe grab a bite to eat while we're out." Sonic offered. "Yeah, sure, why not." Hyper took Sonic's outstretched hand and leapt to her feet. "Let's go."

Sonic told her to hold tightly as he zoomed off towards Downtown.

They stopped when they reached the border of the small town.

"Y'know I coulda ran myself right?" Hyper smirked at Sonic. "Yeah I know but it's been a while since I actually took you for a ride." Sonic said admittingly.

"True. Now...where to?" Hyper asked, excitement in her voice.

"I dunno,...let's just walk around. Maybe we'll meet or see somewhere." Sonic shrugged.

"Doesn't sound like you..., normally you take off to one place and know where you're going like it's a target." Hyper said pointingly.

Sonic frowned at Hyper's comment, his eyes showing a flash of hurt. The rest of the walk neither hedgehog or cat spoke to one or the other.

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