Have A Good Future It was quite a celebration for the Hedgehog and Cat family when their two most finest heros were wed at the Green Hill Chapel. Everyone was there, Tails, Knuckles, even Amy to watch as the couple made their vows to each other. The wedding turned out to be a grand event with cake and stories afterwards but what came next was the greatest gift of all.

"Mooom!!! Deiago took my phone again! Tell him to keep his hands off my stuff!" Julia shouted as she glared at her older brother. "C'mon sis! Lighten up! You really need to get out more often! Have an adventure, stop spending your time on stupid machines." Deiago said. "Hmf. Easy for you to say. You got the speed and I got the brains! Now give my back my phone!" Julia reached to no avail. "Well I could take you for a spin." Deiago suggested. "I can't be seen with you! Gimmee! Or I'm telling dad!" Julia screeched. "Daddy!!!" "Julia?!" Sonic rushed in, "What's wrong?! Are you hurt?" "Deiago won't give me my phone back." Julia whined. "Hm.., is that so..." he stared at Deiago. "All I wanted to do was get her up and moving she needs a good adventure..." Deiago said innocently. "Well Deiago it was nice of you to think of your sister but it's her choice if she wants to go with you. Now go help mom with Olive." Sonic gestured. "But dad.." "Go." Deiago sulked away. "Hello, Mr. Happy, why such a long face?" Hyper asked as she turned to her defeated looking son. "Nothing's wrong mom, I heard you needed me, what's up?" Deiago quickly changed the subject. "Oh right, Olive wants to go with you on your trip to Green Hill. Please take her." Hyper said as Olive jumped up and down next to her. "Please Deiago, pleaaaasee!" Olive pleaded. "Hey, finally someone who likes adventure around here! Sure let's go, Oli." he took Olive's hand and zoomed off. "My son." Sonic smiled as he walked into the room. "Yeah..., too bad Juli's not like that... I agree with Deiago, Julia needs to get off that computer or phone or whatever else device she's on and get moving, I could teach her a thing or two before she is pronounced new Princess of Duo. So she's ready." Hyper suggested, "Then again YOU can teach her how to run." she poked Sonic with empathesis. "Me?! I can't even get her to get outside unless it's to the mall or school!" Sonic shouted defensively. "Hm..., well we have to come up with something.. I just hate to see here waste her days on that thing. She has to become bored of it sometime!" Hyper shook her head. Sonic kissed her forehead. "Don't worry, hon, she'll come to her senses soon when she sees how much fun her brother and sister are having." Sonic reassured. "I sure hope you're right." she smiled.

Meanwhie at Green Hill, Deiago went off to explore a little more while he let Olive pick some flowers for her mom. "I'll be right back, try not to get into any trouble now, yah hear?" Deiago then rushed off in a random direction. Olive sat down on the grass and started to pick a few dandilions when a dark shadow hovered over her. She turned, "You?!?! I t-thought... Deiago!!!" she shreiked. Deiago heard her cry and rushed over as soon as he could possibly go. But it was too late only the crumpled dandilions were left in her spot. He looked towards the clouds and soon found a hover-vehicle that was shaped like half an egg. To reach the strange transportation device he ran up the side of a cliff and was launched into the air where he grabbed onto the bottom of the vehicle which caused it to sink downwards on impact. "What the-?!" a young man cried from the top. "Sonic?! You look much younger than my dad told me you were.., tell me, what are you using?" the young man asked sarcastically. "I'm not Sonic, you fool! I'm Deiago his son! And she's my sister! Now let her go or face my Chaos Emeralds!!!" he threatened as he was still dangling from the bottom of the mobile. "You are in no position to taunt hedgie-boy, I'll simply drop you like a ornament dangling for dear life on a tree!" the young man laughed as he shifted the mobile left and right in a crazy and repetitive motion. Deiago tried to hold his body and lunch as he was shaken violently. "You can't get rid of me you suprisingly-for-Eggman's-son underweight nuisance! Now, let go of my sister!" he shouted. "I would object on me being the nuisance and if you want me to let her go I will!" he held little Olive over the side of the mobile she screeched in fear. "No! Please don't!" Deiago pleeded. "Make up your mind kid! Let her go or not?!" the young man growled. "I didn't hear a no!" then with a single release of his fingers he let go of Olive who instantly started to plummet back to the earth. "Olive!" Deiagio instantly let go and tried to catch up to his little sister as they both fell through the clouds. She screamed all the way down until Deiago finally got her to listen. "Olive! I'm gonna use Chaos Control to get us back home! hold on to my hand!" he cried over her loud screams. "Do it already!!!" she commented between another round of screaming. Deiago pulled out an Emerald, "Chaos Control!!!" he shouted.

Chapter 2 "Oof!" the two siblings cried as they hit the ground on the floor of their house. They shot back up as soon as they realized they were alive and home in one peice. As soon as their racing hearts slowed to a normal steady beat they laughed in half-fear and half-joy. "Wait till mom and dad hear about this!" he said. "Yeah!" she joined in as they started to run towards their parents, "Mom! Dad! Guess what!?" the two said in unison. "Why, what have you two gotten into this time?" Hyper gave a suspicious and displeasing tone. Sonic did the same but with a bit more of a smile.

"Well first Olive was captured by this man! And-!"

"Hey! This is MY part of the story! Let ME tell it!"


"Anyways! I was captured by this really weird man and he took me waaay high in the sky that we almost reached the clouds-!"

"Then..., I came into the picture! I used the technique dad tought me to launch myself and I had enough air to-!"

"Hey! No fair!!! I only had a couple of sentences!"

"But this is MY part of the story! Let ME tell it!"

"Hmph!" "Anyways! I had enough air to grab onto the bottom of his flying-thingy and he saw me and called me Sonic because his father said that I looked like you or something like that... but anyways to cut to the excitement he dropped Olive and I had to go after her by sky-diving basically and I used Chaos Control to get back here!"

Hyper and Sonic's faces after the story were described as a trollface upside down.

"You did what?!" Hyper's voiced cried in half-hearted anger.

"You did what?!" Sonic's voice in a pleased and excited tone.

Hyper socked Sonic in the arm.

"Ahem. I mean,... You did what?!" he said in fake anger.

"You could've been killed! What were you thinking?! Why didn't you just let your sister go with you wherever you went?! You know this is the exact slackness that I am talking about!" Hyper snapped.

"Whoah,.. there Hyper. Give them a minute before you go off like that." Sonic said suprised at this sudden burst of anger.

"Sorry Sonic. Sorry kids. I didn't mean to instantly jump to the yelling but why didn't you just call for your father or I when Olive got into trouble, we would've done something." Hyper said in a soft tone.

"But, mom, you or dad would've been to late. By the time I got there they were already way high up in air close to the clouds even." Deiago said defensively.

"Hold on there son, there is no such thing as 'too late' to this hedgehog." Sonic smirked.

"Sorry, to break this to yah dad, you have decreased a little in speed... being old does that to you."

Sonic gave a displeased look. Hyper snickered.

/I will make more if you want more/

Sonic turned and pointed to Julia, which silenced her instantly. "Now, son, back to your mother's point, you should of just called for us."Sonic put a hand on his son's shoulder. "I know dad, I'll do that next time, I promise." Deiago nodded "Good boy." Sonic then ruffled his hair and walked off. "I'll be back I just have to go make some calls." Sonic waved them off. "Are you mad at us mommy?" Olive asked in a quiet voice. "Of course not! I'm proud of the both of you for reacting fast and I embrace that you two are having fun but please be more careful next time." Hyper kissed them both. "Aw! I have to text about this!" Julia cried. "No. You put that phone down now, Julietta Hearts." Hyper commanded.

"Go on kids. Your sister and I have to talk." she shooed off Deiago and Olive. They ran off. Hyper gave her attention back to Julia. "Look, I know you love spending time on the computer or your phone it's good for once and a while but please, keep it to a minimum! You're missing all your training lessons, and you need that knowledge to help your father and I rule our little town. And plus didn't you always say when you were a little younger you always wanted to be a princess?" Hyper held Julia's chin up.

"Yeah. But that was when I was like five, mom. I hate princess stuff and all that girly nonsence. " Julia crossed her arms. "Haha, now you're really sounding like me when I was your age. " she ruffled her daughter's hair. Julia laughed with delight. "I really like the idea of being a princess still." Julia looked at a mirror behind her, "To be in all those pretty but not too showy outfits that you use to wear." Julia smiled admiringly as she stared into the mirror and imagined herself in a crown and robe-like dress. "Soon that WILL be you, Julia, but you need to study to acheive it." Hyper stood and walked to the cabinet where her crown was locked in. She turned the lock and carried the beautiful crown back over to her daughter.

"If this will encourage you, then I'd be glad to pass the crown a little more earlier then assigned." she smiled and placed the gem dotted and gold-encrusted head-wear on her daughter's head and Julia sparked up like a firework. She walked over to the mirror. "It's beautiful..." Julia said softly as a tear left her eyes. "It is isn't it.. Now. I will let you wear this as long as you promise me you will take an hour off any time of the day to train with me. Can you keep that promise?" Hyper asked seriously. "Yes mom." Julia smiled. "Good girl." Hyper hugged her. "Hey mom?" Julia spoke up. "Yes?" "Wanna train now?" Hyper smiled. "Of course, honey, let's go." She took her mom's hand and they walked down the stairs.


Ring! Ring! Sasha looked up from the dishes to the sound of the phone. "Honey!! Get the phone, I'm busy!" Sasha called for her husband. An orange, two-tailed fox came bounding down the stairs. "I've got it." Tails assured. "Hello?" "Hey Tails, buddy." Sonic's voice came from the other line. "Sonic! Boy am I glad to finally hear from you. It's been years, the last time we actually saw each other was the wedding. How have you been? How are the kids?" Tails asked eager to hear from his long-time best-friend. "Hey calm down with the questions, Tails." Sonic laughed. "Sorry. I still haven't lost that curious child-like attitude." Tails laughed with glee. "Neither have I! I haven't aged a day older!" Sonic commented. Both started laughing and waited till each other clamed down a bit to continue. "Anyways... haha... about the kids?" Tails finally broke the laughter back into a conversation. "Yeah.. ha... they're good. Deiago and Olive- wait... That's right!" Sonic broke off. "Sonic? What's right?" Tails asked surprised at Sonic's sudden outburst. "That's why I called you! Tails! I need you to come over right away!" Sonic said in an urgent tone. Sasha seemed to hear the alarm in Sonic's voice. "Sonic? Is everything alright?" Sasha asked.

"Yeah, everything's fine Sash. I just need Tails for a while is all." Sonic replied. "I'll be there right away, Sonic. See you till then. Bye." Tails hung up the phone and grabbed his keys. "I'll be back before 12:00, call me if you need any help." Tails waved. "Daddy! Where are you going???" Ravein asked as she flew towards her dad. "Yeah." Adam added as he looked up at his dad, "I thought you were gonna teach me how to fly.." "Sorry kids. I have to go Sonic needs me." Tails shook his head. "Aw well, say Hi to Julia for me!" Ravein said. "Yeah ditto for Deiago." Adam smiled. "Sure thing kids." Tails waved them good-bye. "Bye dad! Have fun with Uncle Sonic!" Ravein waved frantically. Tails shut the door after him and took towards the skies. Sasha watched him as he flew. "Isn't dad amazing?" Ravein smiled as she stared with her mother. "What-..huh?... Oh yes. Yes he is." Sasha nodded and took her daughter's hand, "How would you like to go take a visit to Julia?" she asked. "I would love that!" Julia shouted and jumped into the air.

"Haha, okay then call Hyper and ask her if she would like to join us going to the mall." Sasha said. "Sure thing mom! I'll ring them up right away!" Ravein dashed to the phone and quickly punched in the number. It rang. "Hello, Hearts-Hedgehog family here, you're talking to Hyper." Hyper picked up the phone formally. "Hyper? It's me Ravein!" she pointed out. "Oh Ravein! How are you girl?" Hyper asked. "Cheery and hyper as ever, Miss!" Ravein rang happily. "Hm-hm. I'm the 'hyper' one around here." Hyper laughed. "Not anymore! I'm the new 'Hyper'!" Ravein joked. They both laughed. "So what made you call?" Hyper asked. "Oh yeah!... Could Ju-Lee come with me to the mall?" Ravein asked. "Oh sorry dear, she's busy in training. Could we take a raincheck?" Hyper said.

"MOM?! Is that Ray on the phone?!" Julia interrupted. "Yes.., honey..., it-" "Give me the phone!" "Hey Ray!" Julia greeted. "Heyz Je-Lee! Would you like to come to the mall with me?" Ravein asked again. "Of course I would!!!" Julia jumped. "Yay!" Ravein shreiked. "But, Julia..., what about your training?" Hyper spoke up. "Ray, you ready to initiate the 'Ultimate Weapon'?" Julia asked seriously. "It's a-go Lee." Ravein said. "PPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEASSSSSEEEEE!?!?" They both pleaded in unison. Hyper covered her ears, "ALRIGHT! You can go!" Both girls shouted in glee. "See yah in 50 Lee!" Ravein said. "Later Ray." Julia hung up the phone. Hyper snatched the crown from her daughter's head without a single word and stormed off. "Mom! Where are you taking the crown! I wanted to show Ray that!" Julia asked. "Once you can start making promises, then I'll let you wear it.., in five years!" Hyper shreiked. "Five years?! But I'm supposed to be proclaimed Princess next year!" Julia said. "You're not fit for the crown at all! And I fear putting you in council too soon will ruin the kingdom! Now... before I loose it.., go to your room NOW!!!" Hyper shouted in frustration. Julia, with tears in her eyes, hurried up the stairs, "Mom.." she said quietly. "Go, Julietta Hearts-Hedgehog.. Go.." Hyper then walked the other way. Julia wiped the tears from her eyes, but more came to their funeral, as the past mistake she had made came into her mind she noticed what she needed to do and hurried upstairs to her room.

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