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    jump force

    February 7, 2019 by GuKeltke

    Nothing to do with Sonic.

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    Sonic Forces Stage section

    November 9, 2017 by GuKeltke

    Green Hill include the stages Lost Valley, Arsenal Pyramid, Green Hill and Guardian Rock and Virtual Reality.

    Chemical Plant include the stages Spaceport, Chemical Plant and Network Terminal

    City include the stages Ghost Town, Park Avenue, Sunset Heights and Enemy Territory.

    The Death Egg is set to appear in Sonic Forces. Unlike in past games, its primary purpose was not to act as a superweapon (though Vector's horrified reaction upon learning about the Death Egg's return indicated that it nonetheless had a similar reputation), but was instead a prison facility where Eggman held Sonic after he had Infinite defeat him in battle. It was later destroyed after Sonic and the Avatar infiltrated the Spaceport to get schematics on the Death Egg, which…

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