In order to cope with personal and emotional turmoil that has likely been caused by my own interpretations and experiences on the wiki's chat and to limit my overall internet usage, I am taking a leave from said chat for at least a week. After this period ends, I will make an effort to severely limit my time on chat (likely during high traffic hours) to around an hour or two.However, during this period (AKA within this week of 4/4 to 4/12), I highly encourage you to (respectfully) ask me to leave the chat. This does not mean I will not be active on the wiki. If you need my help, please notify me on my message wall. I will also try to help contribute and edit the wiki as well as take part in site discussions and the like. For other personal, friendly or recreational matters (such as online Smashing, Karting or Metal's comics), I ask you contact me on Skype if you have mine. If you would like my Skype name, please ask around chat and someone can kindly give it to you if they so choose (if you send a request, please identify your SNN username so I know who you are). Thank you for your cooperation and I may see you in a week.  Splash the Otter   C  E  04:14, April 5, 2015 (UTC)

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