• I live in Mexico
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is Gamer | Student | Artist
  • I am Female
  • DaisySonicFan2000

    So, in Flopii's house...

    "Poop. We'll have to accommodate everything again." - Sam says

    (Celeste grabs a cup and throws)

    "Who cares?! However little the party is ruined, for the fault of stupid toaster." - Celeste says

    "Alright, guys. No more talks, and we collect everything and let's get to await Flopii return." - Aron says

    "Oh, oh. Too late" - Cesar says

    (Flopii arrives at the party)

    (Cricket's sound)

    "What the heck is this?!" - Flopii yells

    "Please, Flopii! Have mercy, everything was fault of the toaster! Please don't kill us!" - Sam yells

    "What? Kill them? This surprise is great :D" - Flopii says

    "But if everything was a disaster." - Sandra says

    "It doesn't matter, Sandra. It's the best surprise party EVER." - Flopii responds

    "Really? B-But we think all thi…

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  • DaisySonicFan2000

    Hey, SNN People! What's new? Alright. I love make things for others, so I decided to do drawings for the people from Sonic News Network. If you want a picture, just ask me and I'll gladly do your drawing. Enjoy it, and comment!

    • Celeste the Cat (for CelestetheCat1).

    • Nothing at all.

    • Nothing at all.

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  • DaisySonicFan2000

    So, in the Sandra's house...

    - "Yay! Merry Christmas!" Celeste says

    - "Um, Celeste... It's Flopii's birthday, moron" Sam tells Celeste

    - "Ah, yeah..." Celeste responds Sam

    Suddenly, Sandra come to the house...

    - "Hey, gals. What's up?" Sandra says

    - "Hey Sandra" Sam and Celeste respond

    - "How will the Flopii's gifts?" Sandra asks

    - "Mmm, I don't know... Still not finished, missing a few gifts" Sam responds

    - "Oh yeah, missing a few gifts" Sandra supposed

    - "Agh! I admit, I can't, I need a break... Celeste! Check the guest list, will you?!" Sam yells Celeste

    - "Calm down, alright? I can hardly put the ornaments!" Celeste responds

    (Sam searches on the shelf...)

    - "Ok... Oh, look! Mix for baking muffins! Perfect for the party!" Sam says excited

    - "Relax Sa…

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  • DaisySonicFan2000

    You can see the results.

    The winner is:

    • Sonic Generations!

    The first 2 winners is:

    • Sonic Unleashed
    • Sonic Colors

    The loser is:

    • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

    Thank you for participating!

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  • DaisySonicFan2000

    Now you can see the results.

    The winner is:

    • Jason Griffith!

    The first 2 winners:

    • Roger Craig Smith
    • Bella Hudson

    The losers:

    • Quinton Flynn
    • Laura Bailey
    • Amy Palant
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