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The Sonic series has awesome characters such as Shadow,Espio,Blaze,Sonic,Tails etc. but there are the characters I just can't stand!Which characters are worst?First,my opinion!

The Top 15 WORST Sonic characters!

Number 15-Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles (Trading Cards).png

Knuckles isn't as bad as the others and I don't hate him that much but the reason I hate him is because how he gets tricked all the time!Infact,I finished Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood the other day and Knuckles said NO when Ix wanted him to join him.SHOCKER!Maybe it only works with Eggman.Sonic and Knuckles was an exeption since Eggman was the only guy he knew but he throws rocks at you all the time!Back off and be it,please!How did Eggman trick him in the first place?The game would be better with dialogue

Number 14-Sharah the ring Genie


When I found out my little brother had A new Sonic game I was like"AWESOME!"And when I played it I went "Horrible!"Mainly because Sharah was in the game!She was useless and pointless.It's bad enough I had to live with bad gameplay but I also had to live with her!When she died I was like "YES!" and then the ending of Sonic and the secret rings came out...THE.WORST.SONIC.ENDING.EVER!Sonic 06 had a better ending then that! Not to mention:Genie of the RING!?It's Genie of the lamp for god sake SEGA!

Number 13-Chip

Chip 3.png
Linsey Thorndyke.jpg

Light Gaia?LIGHT GAIA?Are you kidding me?There is not much to be said about Chip!Moving on!

Number 12-Lindsay Thorndyke

Alot of people from Sonic X don't mind her but I do.She may not appear that often but she still gets annoying and I think she's been acting for far too long. She thinks all the action that appears throughout the show is part of a movie! When she saw Amy and Tails she thought they were wearing make up!If you watch Episode 19 of Sonic X you'll know what I mean about this character.The Thorndyke family are just plain trippy...Sam Speed,Chris and her!The Dad and Chuck are exeptions though.

Number 11-Sonia the hedgehog


I will be honest.I hate Sonic Underground!Sonia is a nuisence.She attacks people with a piano.Unlike Manik she is really annoying and I think Dingo has serious issues.Same for Knuckles and Bartleby.Her voice makes Amy Rose sound like she was voiced by Bella Hudson.A bird must have flew into her mouth and got stuck choking Sonia and then the bird is screaching for help!And I don't see how so much people like this character!Why!?WHY!?

Number 10-Eggman Nega

Rush eggman nega.png
Sonic Art Assets DVD - Eggman - 4.png

This is the first ever Canon Sonic recolor folks!This is such a shame because I loved Sonic Rush and it was actually the first Sonic game I played!The only problem was how he RUINED Sonic's story.Blaze,Silver how can this guy be your arch nemisis?! You can do better!

Number 9-Omochao


Omochao is just a character who is pointless and shouldn't be in this series.Sharah and Chip are better guides then him!He wouldn't even be usefull for begginers.The voice is annoying and he is the only chao I hate.Amy,wack him with a hammer already!How many games is he in the storyline?1!And is he pointless in the storyline?Yes!

Number 8-Black Doom

Shadowth blackdoom.png

Okay,I HATE Shadow The Hedgehog (game)!And most of all,I hate Black Doom!This character won't stop bugging me withhis dark mission!Screw it,Black Doom!I am doing the hero mission!And although he may not look it but SEGA were out of their minds and made this guy so close to a dark vador rip off!Except Dark Vador is a more worthy villain.Black Doom isn't.I played Shadow the hedgehog with my friend once and they asked why he had a candy necklace.I just said Shadow made it for him when he was young.I don't why his necklace looks like a candy necklace.This is the WORST Sonic villain ever!He tells me to bring him chaos emeralds so I get two but then he says I disobeyed him?You said nothing about killing soilders,Black Doom!Nothing! Sometimes during gameplay,I want to poke his eye and say "Get lost!" or something!

Number 7-Shade the echidna

Shade 2.png

Okay,to give Shade some credit,her outfit is cool and although she has no voice actor,you can imagine a really cool voice!But this character annoys me in Sonic Chronicles.As a villain she was fine but she had to side with you and then she never stopped talking and you were forced to play as her alot.OMG! Knuckles is more likeable than her.And how can nobody hate this character? Some say "Shade is so much better than Tikal" well,without Tikal the first modern Sonic game,Sonic Adventure couldn't happen!Sonic Chronicles could have happened without adding Shade.Her POW moves are so bad and her only good ones are where you need to take her and someone else's POW.And does she appear in more games?No.I'm sorry Shade lovers but this character...Is pointless!

Number 6-Sally Acorn

Sally PNG format.png

Although Sally Acorn is only in Archie and a few TV shows she is the definition of a Mary-Sue!She is also a love intrest of...Sonic?Whaa!?!Well,that ruins really good couples like SonAze,SonAmy,SonMina etc. but there is enough said about Sally.And believe it or not there are worse characters than Sally.

Number 5-Excalibur

Sonic and the Black Knight 13 Caliburn.png

Excalibur,Caliburn,Whatever!There is so many fanfictions about the sword,Excalibur it's not funny.Sonic and the Black Knight was a cool game but Excalibur changed it.I actually prefered Merlina than him.When I played the game it went like this:"Wow,a sword!That will be cool!"Later"Why is it in a rock?"Soon after"That's a familiar name..."Soon after"Oh my god!It talks!"Later "Fool!Fool!Fool!It's all I hear!"Later"Wait,so you get along now?"Later"Wait!Gawain mentioned Excalibur...Are we gonna see Excalibur?"Later"Yay!No more Caliburn!It's Sonic and the secret rings all over again!"Soon After"Wait!So Excalibur was with us the whole time!?WHAT!?"Come on!Really,SEGA? Not to mention Merlina gets ultimate power from a simple scabbered and King Arthur gets all this power but when we have the sword itself we get sacred golden amor?Come on,Sonic,you can do better than that.

Number 4-Chris Thorndyke


Chris is the worst member of the Thorndyke family.He is obviously a rip off of Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Ash from Pokemon at the same time.He is one of the many disasters of Sonic X but I can't stop watching it.Chris has a habit of making others cry.He has made Cream,Shadow,Sonic and Lindsay cry more than once.He took over Sonic X as the main character taking Sonic's role.

Number 3-Big the cat

Big the cat.png

Everyone agrees with me here so there isn't much to say!Remember,Big is on this list,not Froggy,I like Froggy!Why?Because at least Froggy has a point in the storyline.Big,however,fishes.He fishes and fishes and fishes.What else is there to do,Big?

Number 2-Princess Elise the Third


This character bugs me!She is in love with Sonic and creates the worst couple ever:Sonelise!Her first appearence was Sonic 06 afterall.Does she appear in more games?No!She isn't playable and if she cries the world will be destroyed...Woopdeedoo!And nobody can forget the line"I don't care what happens to the world!"Well,the world doesn't care what happens to you either!And that "certain scene"I shall not mention...But who is worse than Elise?

Number 1-Jet the hawk


I hate the babylon rogues!I hate the Sonic riders series!But most of all,I hate Jet! Jet is a jerk and a total loudmouth.He insults Sonic's speed all the time saying he's faster.Flip him off his board and yell out"Fly,Birdy,Fly!"because I hate this character more than any other!And that voice is so god damn annoying!My ears! "The dirt suits you so well!"Sonic,see how it suits him!Grab his leg and pull it!He'll fall over and you can get up and laugh saying"But you look the best in it!"Although he has only been in three games,playable,Unlockable in one game,made a few cameos and hasn't been playable in one,he is so annoying!Worst Sonic character EVER!Why,Jason Griffith?!WHY!!?!?!?!?

So that concludes my list!Please have respected my opinion but if you say something like "How dare you hate on this character!"I would at least want reasons.Who are the worst Sonic characters in your opinion?