• BlueSpeeder

    Yep... I Called It

    February 7, 2014 by BlueSpeeder

    Disclaimer: This blog was intentionally made for comedy relief and in no way was it made to hurt anyone's feelings.

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  • BlueSpeeder

    Lost Hedgehog Tales

    January 2, 2014 by BlueSpeeder

    Interesting story I found while checking out TSSZ News today was that Ian Flynn–current writer of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics–has officially announced the "Lost Hedgehog Tales"! Now, what might this be? See for yourself by the following quote!

    "(The project is) an informal overview of storylines I pitched or was planning to pitch before things got all… dramatic. There will not be any manuscript material, nor any original documents sent to Archie. Think of it as me pulling a box out of the attic, going through its contents, and telling you about each thing. Those “things” will include:
    - the original ending to the King Naugus Arc
    - Mecha Sally’s fate
    - both versions of “Endangered Species”
    - the aforementioned pla…
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  • BlueSpeeder

    I was asked by Shadowunleashed13 here to do a review on the Nintendo 3DS version on Sonic Lost World. However, that's been nearly a month ago, as he stated that he wanted others to state their opinions on the game if they had the 3DS version. But, it will be a while before that happens, so I figured to go ahead and do the review.


    Well, I figured I also do this section first, since it is, well, the most controversial aspect of the game itself: the gameplay. Gone is Sonic just automatically running when you move the analog stick; now the player has to press the R Button to basically run (while moving the analog stick, of course). Some fans find this a pain to do, but for me, I don't mind (although it can be a bit agit…

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    Project: Lost World 3DS

    October 30, 2013 by BlueSpeeder

    Hello everyone. Yesterday (October 29, 2013), I had received the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. Because of this, I've decided to do a major project on the wiki that will expand the wiki with knowledge of the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. So, while I am gathering information, I will redo pages, make pages, even start over some paragraphs of the Nintendo 3DS version only.

    I do not request help, but I will do my best while on this project. I also request if you let me do this project solely by myself. I prefer to work alone that way I can work in a similar style throughout the pages I'll either make/edit. This is all I request. I have a BUNCH of work to do, so wish me luck.

    21:08, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • BlueSpeeder

    One Heck of A Ride

    October 17, 2013 by BlueSpeeder
    For those of you reading this blog, be aware that this blog contains information dating back to several forums, chat discussions, and talk pages. Also, be aware that BlueSpeeder is not hurting your feelings if this blog somehow does.

    Hey everyone. In case you're wondering, today is my second wikiversary (an anniversary for users). And of course, I feel like I need to tell about how this year has been towards me. This year was phenomenal; some moments were epic, others were disappointing. So, if you'll allow me to tell about my second year on Sonic News Network.

    Truly, I had more fun editing this summer than I did anything else. Sounds boring and makes it seem like I'm a couch potato, but in truth, I was very active during the summer. After al…

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