I suppose I should inform all of you where I've been lately and why I returned nearly a month ago only to disappear again. To be frank with you all, my interest with the wiki is, again, dwindling, but that does not mean I will outright leave again, throw away my user rights, and inevitably return within a week or two. I also came back on the wiki barely a few days before I got my Nintendo Switch, so, as you could imagine, I've been preoccupied with saving Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and driving 88 miles an hour with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I should mention that I also have a summer job that I must attend to and thus, has been another contribution to my disappearance. However, with recent events that have transpired these past couple of days, I've felt the need to finally return and inform you all that I am not dead, and that I will, sooner or later, will come back to edit to improve on my own writing skills so I may persue in my own career goals.

But that's where the bad news begins: I alluded to my own career because of the recent cancelation of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics by Archie Comics. As some of you who are the closest to me know, I wanted to write for the comic series in the future, but with the hiatus that began earlier this year, this dream, this fantasy, became impossible. I knew from the moment on that this was the end for the Sonic comics: I didn't have insider information, obviously, but the signs were all there. It took seven months to finally get an answer of what happened, and honestly, the seven month wait was not worth it whatsoever. While I am saddened by the comic cancelation, I am aware that Sonic is not done with comics just yet, but SEGA has chose to end their partnership with Archie, and I honestly think it was for the best. Whether you blame Ken Penders or Archie or SEGA, it doesn't matter. It's over and done with. Good riddeance, Archie. You treated Sonic like a redheaded step-child, regardless. Don't expect me to buy any comics from you in the future or watch your new season of Twin Pe- uh, Riverdale. I've chose not to think about the cancelation, as I knew it was coming but I had a glimer of hope inside me that shined so bright that maybe, just maybe, the comics could be saved. And with the announcement that Sonic isn't done with comics just yet, I suppose that's all I need to be sufficed.

Anyway, I'm back, hopefully for the better, and I promise big changes to come in the near future. 'Til all are one. - BlueSpeeder (talk) 02:04, July 21, 2017 (UTC)

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