Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has recieved panned reviews, mainly due to glitches, nagging dialogues and other things to do with the gameplay.  But get this: SEGA and Big Red Button are attempting to fix some of the bugs in the game! A large patch for this game was released. The game has been patched in the EU so far.And now the Patch is available to North America . Here is more info about the patch.

NOTE: Due to how big the patch is, there are some unnoticed changes. See the latest installments...

Size: 1 GB (1080 MB)

Version: 1.1.0

There were several bugs fixed:

  • The Knuckles Infinite Jump bug is fixed
  • There are level barriers which prevent the player from escaping the map.

Now there is an executable file where the hard coded bug fixes are.

There is an addition

Navigation ArrowsThese show you where to go. If you think the Navigation Arrows are annoying, you can turn them off with the analogue sticks. But there is a small disadvantage to this, although it shows you where to go, you can still miss some vital items which you need in a level. So you may still not know what to do.

And there are improvements as well:

  • Improved framerate when Speed sections happen.
  • Loop de Loops are less choppy.
  • There are some minor lighting improvements and the shadows are also improved.

On another note, the cutscene in which Lyric takes control of Metal Sonic now has a better lighting effect. This is the only cutscene to get this. Here's a video comparing the two cutscenes:

Sonic Boom patch comparison

Sonic Boom patch comparison

  • The controller diagrams in the pause menu have a diffferent coloration, (Eg: the blue rings around the home menu.

Six levels have been changed and each level is stored in a massive steam file. The levels changed are:

  • Cliff’s Excavation Site
  • Bygone Island
  • Tomb of Lyric
  • Lyric’s Weapons Factory (past)
  • Crater Lake
  • Ocean Purification Plant.

​It is unknown what was changed in these levels so far.

Would you try the game with these patches?

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