Ladies and Gentlemen...

I now present to you...




...Bowtie Knuckles.

Bowtie Knuckles


BONUS: Now it comes with a Meme I made!

Bowtie Meme

Double Wat.

NOTE: Some of you have been asking where this picture came from. Well, here's your answer.

It came from this Sonic Boom banner. Someone in the Sonic Stadium Fourms got a clear shot of it. 

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And yes, Amy's taking a selfie.

I think this poster is for the private Sonic Boom Presentation,since the poster says Cannes. I do not know if it's already over.

Here's the concept art of this Banner:

Cannes concept

Sonic: AW YEAH! Tails: wee! Sticks: OM NOM NOM Amy: Does this make my mouth look big? Knuckles: Sweg. Eggman: NUUUU! MY FAVOURITE SEAT!

And there you have it.

Blazing Flare - Let the Games Begin!

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