This is a question that has been bugging me for weeks since I earned all the achievements of Sonic CD (both Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade releases), and I am trying to figure out just how she got there.

Exhibit A

File:800px-Classic amy orthographic svg.png
Amy Rose.

First sighted at Palmtree Panic - Present Day.

Other sightings are Collision Chaos - Present Day, Stardust Speedway - Future, and Metallic Madness - Future.

Motivation: To meet Sonic the Hedgehog and become his girlfriend.

Mode of Transportation: Unknown at this point, is the reason this blog exists.

Exhibit B


Little Planet

Little Planet.

Known Location - Floating above Never Lake once a year. Was once chained there by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Freed and restored to it's former glory by Sonic the Hedgehog.

The issue

How did Amy get to the Little Planet to begin with? Was she the sole inhabitant before Sonic came? Did she take an airplane? Did she jump? What were the circumstances surrounding her arrival? What was the condition of Little Planet when she arrived?

The conclusion

Many solutions to this puzzle have been presented, and the plausibility of each solution varies from one to another. Keeping in mind the (allegedly) canon "method", I have pieced together an explanation. It is by no means perfect, but I feel better about it than the allegedly canon one.

Amy Rose is an inhabitant of Little Planet who has the ability of precognition. However, this ability is very limited, and only works on Little Planet, along with it's unique mechanism of time travel. She discovered that one day she will meet a blue hero who can break the sound barrier with his running. But unknown to her would there be a mad scientist that comes to conquer Little Planet. Time passes, and she catches sight of her hero in the Palmtree Panic region and follows him to the Collision Chaos region. There, she is captured by Metal Sonic. The rest is history.

I decided to take out the tarot cards. I don't like the idea of those being there. I just... don't.

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