I think they're should be a game where me and Mario meet yet again, EXCEPT, this time, it's an adventure game.


A rift in dimensions due to Tails' invention causes me and Mario to meet face to face. But when Bowser and Eggman team up and plan to create a device that they plan to use to cause apocalyptic destruction on the Mushroom Kingdom and my world alike and rebuild the worlds in their image. So, me and my friends, and Mario and HIS friends, team up to defeat Bowser and Eggman.


For my levels, it's a typical run to the finish line and score as many points as possible while doing so. And Mario's levels are'nt as fast but just as fun. They're Super Mario Bros. style platformers where you jump on enemies and get to the flagpole. There is a boss battle at every 3 levels and a big boss at the end of every world.


The primary playable characters are me and Mario, but Luigi, Tails, Toad, Knuckles, Princess Peach, Shadow and others appear as well.

Tell me what you think.