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Hello! My name is ZeoSpark! I also go by ZeoSpark16 on other sites, Zero, or simply just Zeo! I am the head bureaucrat on the MarioWiki and I'm very active there! Please me know if you need anything!

Some Stuff About Me
  • My favorite character in video games is Mario.
  • One Piece is my favorite anime is One Piece with Carrot as my bae lol
  • My favorite colors are black, blue and purple
  • I love burgers
  • I'm a furry.
  • Despite my age, I still love cartoons more than anything
  • Corrin is my main in Smash Bros.
  • Speaking of Fire Emblem, that series has my favorite soundtrack in Smash.
  • My favorite Pokemon are both Mew and Lucario.
Other stuff

Hello. My name is ZeoSpark and I have been playing Sonic games for awhile now. Actually, I have been playing both Sonic and Mario games at the same time so I'm pretty much a big fan of the both of them. I really don't play the Mario & Sonic series games since I'd rather see them in their seperate series. My favorite character or characters are Sonic due to his carefree attitude (reminds me of myself) and Knuckles with his pure toughness. My favorite villain will have to be Metal Sonic especially his role from Sonic Heroes.


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Favorite Sonic Games

  • Sonic Adventure 2 (or Battle): This is definately my favorite Sonic game of the series. It has a great plot and, of course, the soundtrack. The multiplayer mode is one of the best features on this game.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Believe it or not, this is actually the first Sonic game I've played. I actually played this game before the first one and I have been loving it ever since. There are many levels and the Eggman bosses are fun as well. That Metropolis Zone though...I hate tough with those annoying enemies...
  • Sonic Heroes: This is a pretty good game with all of the teams. Team Sonic as standard levels, Team Dark has harder levels compaired to Team Sonic's, Team Rose has shorter levels, and Team Chaotix have these "mission" levels. I loved the twist where Metal Sonic (or rather Neo Metal Sonic) was the one in control in the entire game and Eggman was locked up. Sonic Heroes is one of few games where Eggman isn't the main antagonist in despite appearing in.

Favorite Songs

  • Reach for the Stars: This song is definitely my favorite of the entire series. It's extremely catchy, upbeat, and remediable. I plan to use this song as my intro on my YouTube videos when I can get the [[Click to Continue > by NetoCoupon|program]].
  • What I'm Made Of: In my opinion, the best final boss song of the Sonicseries. This song was epic as you as Team Super Sonic (well, Sonic is the only "Super" part of that team durin that time) fight off against Metal Overlord. That song is extremly epic and it matches well with the aspect of the battle. Again, Metal Sonic/Neo Metal Sonic is my favorite villain of the series so a final boss theme like this against him is perfect!
  • It Doesn't Matter/Unknown from M.E.: I loved both of these songs from Sonic Adventure. It matches well with the respective character (It Doesn't Matter to Sonic and Unknown from M.E. with Knuckles). I love both of these songs, but I actually more fond of Knuckles'. I mean, it's a song that bascially describes how strong and epic Knuckles is.

My favorite pages


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⟦ Finish the Sonic Adventure/Script (Gamma)

Favorite Sonic Boom episodes

Title Card Name Season Reason
Sonic Boom Ep2 Title Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days? 1 I really loved Eggman's role in this episode. His plan was effective until his flawed Obliteratorbot turned on him.

Sonic Boom Episode Ratings

Season 1

The Sidekick

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Best Character(s): Eggman and Sonic

Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch For a Few Days?

Focused on:

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Best Character(s): Eggman

Translate This

Focused on:

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Best Character(s): Eggman


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