Where should I begin? I'm addicted to anime, & have been forced to abandon many things. I used to have time & far more energy, now I don't even know what happened to me. I'm a fan of many series Naruto, Yugioh, DBZ, Inuyasha, & many other animes. I'm a fan of several super hero/science fiction series. My favorite game series would have to be the Kirby series. I have plenty of fancharacters for the Sonic series, not all of which are even on the Fanon Wiki.

My specialty is the Dreamcast Extended Era, Sonic Adventure (DX) & SA2 (Battle) are the Sonic games I remember most & have studied the inner workings of to some extent. I believe that Grind Race was based on a scrapped stage for Shadow. I have played out of bounds on the Egg Carrier several times, cleared Windy Valley, Final Egg, & Twinkle Park for Knuckles, as well as several other feats.

I have opinions that are often considered unusual & tend to be hated as a result. I actually think Sonic 06 was a better game than Sonic Generations, as it was the closest we got to having Adventure 3. I actually found Freedom Planet more enjoyable than Sonic Mania. I often question my own continued existence as a result of near endless depression. I am very protective & can be vicious if heavily provoked. Maybe I'll make this userpage nicer after editing here more.

I really want to play as characters other than Sonic again. I wonder if Knuckles & Tails could use wisps like Sonic. Shadow could easily return in modern games as a playable character if Sonic Team wanted to, he probably wouldn't use wisps, although he would have Chaos Powers. I actually would prefer Mighty over Classic Sonic as a playable character, although at least the more screwed up the timeline gets the more likely we are to get things like Adventure 3 & 06 to be Canon again.

I don't like grossness, trolling, spam, etc. I am often in pain, I often feel that I don't belong in this world. I question the morality of people these days. People seem to want to victimize groups with minority viewpoints, in some cases even branding them as criminals, & they see those who defend them as equally guilty. I know there has to be someone out there who created this modern society I'm in, although I doubt I will ever find them.

1 of the few things that I actually liked about Unleashed was the Werehog. I hope Forces gets a sequel which has more Infinite, plot going further, with more playable characters. I hope the Custom Hero returns in several more Sonic Games. I want Vanilla to at least appear more in the Sonic Series even if just as cameos, which could have easily happened by now. I want chao raising to return someday with several gardens.

I always preferred playing as Knuckles when given the option because of his climb & glide abilities, I hope we get a lot of playable Knuckles in 2019: Year of Knuckles. It would be nice if Tikal returned in the story of a future Sonic Game. While Treasure Hunting was fun in both Adventure & Adventure 2, sadly it's unlikely we'll get that playstyle to return because it would be absurd to have Knuckles let the Master Emerald Shatter again. Still maybe Knuckles could collect something that isn't related to the Master Emerald for his stages.

Real Life Hedgehogs are extremely cute, far cuter than their Mobian counterparts.

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