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What am I? 

Ok. Hi. I'm Top Hat Silver, aka Top Hat Silver. You can also call me THS, Top Hat or Silver, Top Hat works better but my brain has developed enough for me to identify a comment directed to myself.  Oh wait I answered the question wrong. What am I, not who. My bad, I always come up with an answer and read the question after, and then 9 times out of 10 I answered wrong and can't change my answer. And like I just showed in that one excessively lengthy sentence, I enjoy getting off-topic very much, especially at school or when my friends ask me something I don't know or simply don't wanna answer. However I think I will eventually answer this question, not entirely sure, I'm kinda sleepy.

What purpose do I serve?

Damn, I don't know. Is my purpose to be good or bad? What's the difference? Is there a difference? I kinda believe that "good" and "bad" are both opinions and are not factual. For example, I'm sure if you asked one of my many subscribers on my YouTube channel, they would describe me as "awesome" or "absolutely phenomenal", or maybe even "good". However, I personally, do not consider myself to be "good", but rather "bad". I've done... THINGS.... Yes I am just joking, of course I don't think I'm bad, I reckon I'm bloody fabulous, and quite a handsome fella too. 

Oh haha I never provided an example of what I meant earlier. Well since I failed once, why would I wanna try again? Screw it, I'll think of a new purpose for myself.... Maybe it's got something to do with supporting Sonic games that don't get the amount of respect they deserve? As in, for example, all of them? Well I mean I like practically every Sonic game, even the ones I've only seen clips of. Now I don't like every Sonic game, uh I'm not a huge fan of Classic Sonic games, although I do like Sonic 1, 2, CD & Mania (I haven't played 3&K). Ooh! My favourite Sonic game is Sonic Forces, in my opinion the Best Sonic Game is Sonic Unleashed, and Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog looks sooooo good!! PLEASE port to Switch! 

Wait so I basically stated that I don't fully support every Sonic game. Well, shoot. Can't win em all, unless you only tried once and cheated. Then you'd have a flawless career. So, uh, unless I can say being a brilliant YouTuber is my purpose, I am purposeless. Heh, kinda like Sonic Dash... 2.

Am I a true Sonic fan?

Eh, ask any one of my friends how many times I reference Sonic in every sentence that flies out of my mouth. I mean of course they won't pick up every reference... because none of my IRL friends play Sonic. But like I teach them a bit! One of them knows that Shadow has a gun, that counts for something! But uh, the same friend didn't know Sonic and Tails' relationship, so I guess I failed that area... oops.

Oh yeah I used 2 versions of the Pumpkin Hill theme in my school assignment. And I also got my friend completely hooked on Tornado Defense (First Battle) , I mean it is extremely beautiful, but like my friend is addicted. Which I don't mind. I encourage it actually.

What do I do?

Well, I talk a lot. Not much I say is useful, but at least people always bend back their head, increase the area of their mouth and let out a haha every time I talk. Oh shoot, I also do school , YouTubeTwitter , and to a lesser extent, Vlare.

In terms of what I actually do, I mostly play games and make videos, both of which I love doing. I mostly play Sonic games, or at least games with Sonic in them, but I also play tons of Minecraft, Mario, and Pokemon specifically. If you wanna know what kinds of videos I make, they're mostly gaming, but I've been getting a little more creative recently....

Do I have any photos?

I probably do. Not of myself, I hate being in photos. 

Although now I'm doing a gallery, mainly because of the first image in it. I might add to it at some point.

My favourite Sonic games

My favourite stages in Sonic games

Bottom of the page

This is the bottom of my page. If you made it this far you are a truly spectacular being and I love you very much. Maybe not but hey maybe so. Uh don't forget to leave a like and subscribe, and leave a comment too. Ok kids grand talk, can't wait for the next one.

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