Tizo The Hedgehog

aka Tiago Amaral

I am a Sonic the Hedgehog video gamer and fan.

Most likely, you will find me on the Internet with the username "Tizo The Hedgehog" or "Tizo Teh Hedgie".

Tizo is a fan character that I made up, but I did not make a story about him or any other type of fan fiction because I think it's just plain stupid and unnecessary!

About Me

General Info

My name's Tiago (or James in English), but you can call me Tizo. I am going to year 10 at high school now. I live in Portugal. I am also somewhat good with math, poetry and anything else related to science and such. I also like to write, play soccer, swimming and jogging. I also try to be a good helper. I don't just limit my life to computers and video games.


I am a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I've played my first Sonic game in (maybe) 1996, and became a real fan around 2000. I don't play Sonic all the time! I also play other video games like GTA 4 and etc, etc.


I also like computers. I've been using a computer since 1999, and I know a whole lot about computers. I started with Windows 98. It switched to Windows XP Home Edition briefly, and now I use Windows Media Center Edition.

Online Life

I've been on the Internet since 2003 (I was 10 then), and I have seem to have better experience online since then. My main name online is Tizo. I am usually on =TSF= The Sonic Family (my own forum that I founded a year ago). I am also on Gametrailers (as Sonicfan1993), YouTube (as axelrudipel), and Sonic Blast, which are very nice places. If you are reading this page, you know I do edits on Sonic News Network. I also work on some projects with friends of mine such as NeoShadow and Nudjo D-Fang.

TSF The Sonic Family

Relaunched under new management:

Sonic News Network Duties

I usually do Minor Edits on Sonic News Network.

  • Editing articles that aren't finished or out of date;
  • Removing inappropriate and unnecessary additions;
  • Remove/correct vandalized pages;
  • Categorizing pages;
  • Marking pages as stubs if they aren't already;
  • Writing missing articles about missing characters or games.

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