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I am no longer using this account. Sorry.
|width =
|title = Shadow34
|image = [[File:White_sig_copy.jpg]]
|caption =
|first =
|games =
|realcreator =
|artist =
|voiceactor =
|japanactor =
|motionactor =
|liveactor =
|nickname = Gorge the Hawk (formerly)
|species = [[Human]]
|gender = Male
|height = ???
|weight = ???
|Eye Color = ???
|Alignment = Anti-Hero
|birthday = ???
|birthplace = ???
|age = ???
|family = ???
|likes = [[Sonic News Network]], [[Sonic]], [[Shadow]], [[Mario]]
|dislikes = Vandals, bullies, braggarts, obnoxious people
|skills = Writing, drawing
|ability type= All-Around}}
==My Wiki Activity==
None. I might edit occasionally, but I spend most of my time elsewhere--usually the [ Bumbleking Comics Forums].
==About Me==
I am a huge fan of [[Sonic]] games. My favorite character is [[Shadow]]. I've played many [[Sonic]] games, and I've listed them here:
* [[Sonic Advance]]*
* [[Sonic Advance 2]]*
* [[Sonic Advance 3]]*
* [[Sonic Battle]]*
* [[Sonic Pinball Party]]*
* [[Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut]]*
* [[Sonic Adventure 2: Battle]]*
* [[Sonic Heroes]]* ([[Gamecube]])
* [[Shadow the Hedgehog (video game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]* ([[GameCube]])
* [[Sonic Riders]] ([[Gamecube]])*
* [[Sonic Gems Collection]]*
* [[Sonic Mega Collection]]*
* [[Sonic Rush]]*
* [[Sonic Rush Adventure]]*
* [[Sega Superstars Tennis]]* ([[Nintendo DS]])
* [[Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing]]* ([[Nintendo DS]])
* [[Sonic Classic Collection]]*
* [[Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games]]* ([[Nintendo DS]])
* [[Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games]]* ([[Nintendo DS]])
* [[Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood]]*
* [[Sonic Unleashed]]* ([[Wii]])
* [[Sonic and the Secret Rings]]
* [[Sonic and the Black Knight]]*
* [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]*
* [[Sonic Colors]]* (both versions)
(*) If I've completely beaten the game (unlocked all characters and levels and stuff). You'll notice all games have the asterisk except Sonic and the Secret Rings. To put it simply, that game is freaking impossible.
I also love [[Archie Sonic the Hedgehog|Archie Sonic comics]].
==Sonic Games I Want==
* [[Sonic Rivals]]
* [[Sonic Rivals 2]]
* [[Sonic the Hedgehog 2006]] (Seriously)
* [[Sonic the Hedgehog 4]]
* [[Sonic Unleashed]] ([[Xbox]] version)
* [[Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity]]
==My Top 10 Favorite Sonic Heroes==
[[File:Shadowthehedgehog-4-1.jpg|thumb|303px|Can't choose! Both are awesome! (Then again, my username is '''Shadow'''34... But still, Sonic is just as cool)]]
* #1:Tie between [[Sonic the Hedgehog]] and [[Shadow the Hedgehog]]
* #2:[[Knuckles the Echidna]]
* #3:[[Julie-Su]]
* #4:[[Espio the Chameleon]]
* #5:[[E-102 Gamma]]
* #6:[[Blaze the Cat]]
* #7:[[E-123 Omega]]
* #8:[[Shade the Echidna]]
* #9:[[Big the Cat]]
* #10:[[Emerl]]
==My Top 10 Favorite Sonic Villains==
[[File:IronQueen03.png|thumb|130px|The [[Iron Queen]] rules!]]
* #1:[[Iron Queen]]
* #2:[[Iron King]]
* #4:[[Dr. Eggman]]
* #5:[[Dr. Finitevus]]
* #6:[[Pir'Oth Ix]]
* #7:[[Dark Gaia]]
* #8:[[Snively Robotnik]]
* #9:[[Enerjak]]
* #10:[[Metal Sonic]]
==My Favorite Games==
* #1:[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]
* #2:Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
* #3:[[Shadow the Hedgehog (game)|Shadow the Hedgehog]]
==My Friends==
Please feel free to add yourself if you consider me a friend.
==My Gallery==
Image:Advance3 sonic.png
Image:Advance2 tails-2-.png
Image:Knuckles 4.png
Image:Sa2 shadow.png
Image:Amy 122.jpg
Image:Sonicchannel cream nocircle.png
Image:Sonicchannel rouge nocircle.png
Image:Big 1.png
Image:Sonicchannel espio nocircle.png
Image:Sonicchannel vector nocircle.png
Image:Sonicchannel charmy.png
Image:Yuji uekawa tikal 32.png
Image:Sonicchannel metal.png
Image:Sonicchannel silver.png
Image:Sonicchannel emerl.png
Image:Sonicchannel jet nocircle.jpg
Image:Sonicchannel wave nocircle.jpg
Image:Sonicchannel storm nocircle.jpg
Image:Rush eggman nega.png
Image:Sonicchronicles shade.jpg
==That's It!==
Wow, you've read my entire user page. NOW GET OUT.
Just kidding.

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I am no longer using this account. Sorry.

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