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|weight = ???
|weight = ???
|Eye Color = ???
|Eye Color = ???
|Alignment = Evil (Gotcha!)
|Alignment = Evil
|birthday = ???
|birthday = ???
|birthplace = ???
|birthplace = ???

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My Current Projects


My Own Ideas For Teams in Sonic Heroes 2

Each team has speed, fly, and power types.

About Me

I am a huge fan of Sonic games. My favorite character is Shadow. I've played many Sonic games, and I've listed them here:

(*) If I've completely beaten the game (unlocked all characters and levels and stuff)

I also love Archie Sonic comics.

Sonic Games I Want

My Top 10 Favorite Sonic Heroes


Can't choose! Both are awesome! (Then again, my username is Shadow34... But still, Sonic is just as cool)

My Top 10 Favorite Sonic Villains


The Iron Queen rules!

My Favorite Games

My Friends

Please feel free to add yourself if you consider me a friend.

My Gallery

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