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Nar is someone who will always work for the side of good, however, Nar is pacifistic, and dilikes fighing. Nar, however, can usually get people to do what he wants through words, and, if he wanted to (though he will never wat to), he could even make the most vile act sound like a good deed. He can see through lies and charisma, and is a very skilled liar himself (he, however, rarely lies). He is very rational, and rarely shows emotion. He is also very patient, and an excellent teacher. He is also very adaptable, and can twist his ablities to even the most adverse of situations.



Water can be a weakness to him, but only if he can't get oxygen for an extended period of times. He has a place in his body that stores oxygen, so this problem can be avoided for a small period of time (≈1 Minute).


This is his main weakness. Because his fire is suffocated and the earth blocks him from using his air organ things he can completely pass out then die if he stay underground with no scource of heat.

Time Distortions

Places or people that cause time distortions are a major weakness to him (one example arepeople named after themselves). He will get major headaches if he is around these people or things for too long and if the tiem period is long enough, he will turn to cinders, and before he can reincarnate, his ashes must be moved away from these places or people.

Roller Coasters

His most humorous weakness. He calls these things "screaming metal death traps that no one in the right mind will ever go on, let alone enjoy." He must love them (being sarcastic).


No, for the idiots out thre, food is not a weakness to him. Rather, Nar will eat as much food as he can get his hands on (even ingesting non-food items). At one point, to prove a point, someone presented Nar with a messy room. This someone counted to three, and when he reentered the room, it was sparkly clean and Nar promptly burped.


Nar is not outwardly arrogant to people. Rather, arrogance serves as a weakness to him due to the fact that he cannot calculate for equal or higher intelligence than his, which is what caused him to lose his first fight against Sonic.


Being an phoenix, he is naturally pyrokinetic and in his phoenix form, can fly. He is also photokinetic, able to create illusions and render himself invisible. He can actually spread his light or fire for many miles, creating sort of "field". He can use Chaos Control, But only to teleport, however, he has non-Chaos related chronokinesis. He is an adept fighter using the staff and knows the weak points of many different spieces.


Nar can not transform using the Chaos Emeralds (For 1, he has very little Choas control, only able to teleport with it [He is actually chronokinetic]). He is, however, compatable with the Sol Emeralds (giving him his super forms) and the Flare Crystals (giving him his light-based forms)


These transformations require the Sol emeralds, and while they increase his firepower (heh heh), his photokinesis becomes near useless.


Nar turns into a phoenix at this point, being able to preform at very high arial levels, and use fire extremely effectively. He becomes more susceptible to anger at this point however. (He turns bright yellow [ie, neon yellow])


He turns into a large blue phoenix with blue fire.

Not so typical


In this form, his light gains slightly more power, and his staff goes a few shades whiter. He is in an off-white version of his echindna form and can not only create, but also dissapate illusions.


In this form, his light gains much more power, and his staff turns extremely pale. He is a pure white version of himself, has the added ability mentioned above, and can also use strands of light to control enemies. These strands are very weak however.


In this form, his light is at its greatest power as his staff turns pure white. He becomes almost clear. The trademark here, however, is that he distorts time around him, in addion to the above two forms added moves.


Ironically, Nar's complete opposite Chad, or The Chosen One of Water's untypical transformation is Hell Beserker. This is a contradiction to their espective elements becuase "Jannah", or in english "Heaven", is normally seen as a place of rest with gardens and springs of Water, where as "Jahanam" or "Hell" is known for fiery torture.

Sonic relationships

Note:Just becuase my fan character hates your fan character, it does not mean that I hate you. So if this happens, you are not allowed to kill me.


  • The Chosen Ones-His comrades and teammates. They, to him, are his family, and as he often says, he'd be lost without them.
  • The Chosen One of Psychic-The first to dicover Chosen-ness wioth Nar, his closest ally
  • Mystic Monkey-The guy who taught him swordplay. Mystic has never betrayed his own values or Nar, and so thus, nar counts him as a friend.
  • Will the Echidna-Gave him a new insight on life. No details yet
  • Dawn the Hedgehog-Allowed him another confidant, someone who would understand him as well as his abilities.
  • Hades' Bam-His teacher and mentor. Helped him resolve his issues with The Chosen One Of Water.
  • The Obvious (minus Rouge)


  • Milo the Echidna-His drop kick victim ;)
  • Shelly the Hedgehog-Never really liked with her. Nar and Shelly were always disagreeing on something, and they would have attacked each other long ago had it not been for Qadr and Chad.
  • Jezz the Hedgehog-Tribal differences left these two very bitter rivals of one another. Nar had Nocturnus origins during the Echidna's war and fought bitterly specifically when he fought Jezz (for he understood him as more than meets the eye). Nar still has a scar where Jezz broke one of his ribs outward.
  • Rouge-he just plain hates her


Ix-Owes him many lives. Ix was responsible for the death of his parents and his brother. Ix is the enemy number one in his book.

Eggman: Nar does not think much of Eggman, shown on the rare occasions that they meet. He calls him Doctor Sphere, and often makes fun of his machines "which a five-year-old can destroy." On one occasion, Nar went, touched one of Eggman's machines, which comically fell apart, just to prove a point (It is later revealed that Nar actually undid several bolts from the machine.

His love life

Coming Soon

Theme Song

The fire burns

Inside of me

I equip my staff

An smile with Glee

Cause the fiery soul

burns insid'a me

(background whispers: Inside of me)

When i set mind

Nothing can Change it

Nothing can alter it

or rearrange it

Cause the Fiery Soul Burns iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!

Song of the phoenix

HEaling tears

Wash away just about

all of my fears

Just as long i know you are here

Fiery soul burnin' in sida meeeeee!!!!

I will work on it more. --The Chosen One of Water I WILL PWN ALL 23:41, 10 May 2009 (UTC) (Song lyrics on my page courtesy of The Chosen one offire, so just repying a nice favor)


Sonic and Maio at the Olympic Games:

Selected:"Let's get this party started!"

Win:"What did you expect? For me not to win?"

Lose:"UGH!!!! I'M SO STUPID!!!!!!!!"


The Ultimate Discovery (main protaganist next to Sonic), Doom Matter (main protaginist next to Jezz), Sonic and the Secret Rings as the Roc


He usually stays in a volcano, guarding the Flare Crystals, which, as he says,"are more than the name implies, trust me."

Alternate Dopplegangers

Sonic and the secret rings: The Roc

Sonic and the Black knight: Sir Kay

Sonic in any greek representation: Hermes

Other Fan characters

Hades' Bam



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