SuperMoxie 2.9

  • I live in Gladstone, QLD, Australia.
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is Video Games, YouTube, Comics and TV.
  • I am Male

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Favorite Quotes

IDW Sonic 8

Silver: Let's see here... Looks like there was a major update across the Eggnet. It's almost like Neo Metal Sonic isn't hiding what he's doing any— OH, CRAP!
Sonic: We need to call Knuckles— now!

IDW Sonic 13

Tumble: Who asked you to butt in, kid? Why are you even here?
Sonic: 'Cause when the day needs saving...
Tails: One team never fails!
Sonic and Tails: You're about to get busted by -SONIC & TAILS!
Rough: That's our thing! Stop stealing our thing!
Tumble: That's not fair. I had a tail again. The length. The heft. I had it all back...
Sonic: Okay, man. It's over. Let's go.
Tumble: Heartless. You're just heartless. All I ever wanted was to cave your head in...
Sonic: And just like that, my sympathy is spent.

IDW Sonic 15

Tumble: Rough! Hard right!
Rough: Oh, crap!

IDW Sonic 16

Sonic: That was too close. I need to keep my distance and keep my friends safe. This is weird. Usually it's "Eggman does a thing, I show up and stop that thing." This time we're both kinda aware of each other, stuff is in motion, but it's all sorta... Detached. I'm also not used to being a liability. Maybe if I really push it, I can cure myself. Save Tails the hassle. Plus, I've dealt with similar stuff in the past and come out fine! We'll get through this, just like always. I'm... I'm sure of it. Yeah. Totally sure.

IDW Sonic 17

Sonic: Now the evacuation can begin for real. It's going to get the attention of the Zombots, though. I better- Brrr... Man, this is a nasty feeling... I want to protect everyone... But I'm no good to anyone if I turn into a Zombot. Better run this off. Faster! I've got to get back to them! Faster!
Charmy: That's barely anybody. The city had so many people in it... We saved all the healthy ones. Now we need the rest!
Sonic: They're right. You guys get out of here. I'll sweep the city and look for Charmy.
Vector: B-But...! A-All right...
Sonic: "I'll do my best to find him."

IDW Sonic 18

Sonic: This is bad, but Cheese wouldn't want you to get caught. He'd want you to be brave. I need you to be brave. Just like all our times before, okay?
Cream: (sniff) O-Okay...
Sonic: I know you can do this. Get your mom to the north glade and get to safety. We'll get everyone out of here, then find a way to fix this-right?
Cream: Yeah.
Vanilla: Thank you, Mr. Sonic! Take care of yourself!
Sonic: I'll be fine. Keep safe. Kid's going to grow up into someone amazing...
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