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Hey there!


Long as the voice inside me says go, I will always keep on running! There is no way to stop me from going to the very top! It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right!

The name's SpyroGuy and the sole purpose of expanding common Sonic knowledge led me here.

Well I got nothing for the rest of this page, so...enjoy my findings!

This page gets updated depending on the frequency of my findings, so when I find something interesting, I'll be sure to update this page as well.

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Let's see....blogs...hmm, well I'm not much of the "blogger" type, but I still have one somewhere else though.

Here, knock yourself out. =)


Another Epic Restoration FTW! :D

Dat E3 stuff:

Heh and it only took an hour to find a way to open the E3 version's files...behold the results! I used the only available low quality screenshot as reference.

Not too bad I guess!


I just can't explain how freaking happy this single texture has made me.

More E3 stuff:

Who would have thought that the ancient E3 loading screens of Sonic Unleashed were buried deep within the files of the actual retail version (only the japanese version though, but it's still an unbelievably epic find).

I just love hunting for this stuff, I think I enjoy it even more than playing the actual games themselves...if only I could get my hands onto the E3 demo of '06... 

Sonic and Metal Sonic 1

Sonic Gems Collection Box Art. Uploaded here for the sake of preservation as SGC doesn't have a proper gallery.

I'm putting this line of nothingness here as a placeholder for more potential explanation in the future.


Ride through gravity, Just ride through what earth planned, Ride through gravity, Ride through, now, let them loose

ME0000689678 2

Interesting how the HQ version of this screenshot had vanished from the internet except from a limited quantity of sources. Well, it's uploaded here now! :D

Sonic the Hedgehog-Xbox 360Screenshots4110slide

Same goes for this one.

ME0000724556 2

Wow, never seen this one before and believe me, I know everything that can be known about '06 (I wish I knew more)


I've uploaded a couple of old screenshots (most of them are in HD) that I believed to be lost forever since many of these WERE available during the "Sonic Nextgen" hype, but later all of them have vanished (I guess that they were removed by SEGA since they are showing the game in a noticeably better state than the "final build" is.

Sbk wallpaper sonic 1600x1200

I've recovered a couple of official high quality SatBK wallpapers from an ancient archive and from my personal storage. I sure love recovering old stuff like this! :)

Sbk wallpaper gawain 1600x1200

Resolutions are 1600x1200, also found one with 1280x1024.

SUwp05 1600 1200

Sonic Unleashed Wallpaper: Possibly originating from the old teaser site. (1600x1200)

SUwp06 1600 1200

Sonic Unleashed Wallpaper: Possibly originating from the old teaser site. (1600x1200)

"There are good guys and bad guys...and there's Shadow." -

One sentence that captures the nature of Shadow's personality flawlessly.


I saw that there were little to no informations on the internet about this stuff and since I do have some of it in my personal collection I've uploaded some photos to expand common Sonic merch knowledge a bit. I also have the one at the top of the promo image with the counter on it somewhere, but I didn't find it right then when these pictures were made. :P

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