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  • I was born on June 8
  • I am Male

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Hey I'm a long time fan of the series with Amy being my fav character and Cream and her mother being by right behind her. I joined the wiki to keep the Amy Rose page as truthful as possible and I do research into all edits that I make. Also, just 'cause I'm a Sonamy fan does not mean I will post false and unproven things to support that couple. All of my posts and edits have a long amount of time and research put into them and before undoing mine or modifying them I suggest you do the same as well .I have a few quirks to me as well, as I'm a High Functioning Autistic person. If you need help with anything, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. As for my editing style, I tend to point out small things the more prevalent editors missed. I'm always on the wiki; the only times I'm not are when I'm away from my computer or asleep.

If you wish to talk to me, leave me a message, but if you want to talk about non Sonic things or use much more profound language then I am on YouTube under the same name tell me your name on the wiki so I know who I'm talking to.

I am also born on 6/8/1994 and male to all you are wondering about that. And I'm related distantly to the Hatfields and Macoys through my maternal grandfather.

Here's a quick link to my backup account for quick access to it anywhere.

Here's a link to my wiki, the Amy Rose wiki. >>

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Top 10 Sonic Games

10: Sonic 06 - Yep I like 06 more then the 3 fan favorites 2,CD, and 3&K. Sure it's a bad game but it's the so bad it's good bad not just plain bad.

9: Shadow the Hedgehog - While I'm not a big fan of Shadow, I do think this is a great game with loads of replay value to it. Plus this is the first Sonic game I ever played and owned.

8: Sonic Labyrinth - I know most people hate this game just cause Sonic's slow but really get over it it has a nice plot for its time and is a darn good game to boot.

7: Sonic Riders - I'll be honest, I hated this game at first. But now that I can play it with ease, I love it. I find it much better than any other of the Rider games.

6: Sonic Heroes - No clue why people hate this game it's a great game. It has a large cast of characters to play as, all very fun and very good. My only complaint is that Team Rose's levels could have been longer and the PS2 versions sucks.

5:Tails Adventure: The best Tails game and best Game Gear Sonic game this name like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed's Japanese name (Sonic World Adventure) live up to thier names as Adventures my only complaint is that it seems you should start with the Hammer and get the Bombs where you get the Hammer.

4: Sonic and the Black Knight - A really great game that is severely NO criminally underrated. Most of things brought against the game are things from the early game by the late and post game the problems are all but gone.

3: Sonic Adventure - In recent years it's grown on me as a great game that has large variety and is very reminiscent of the games I played growing up.

2: Sonic R - Another great racer but for some reason it get's a boat load of hate the only thing I can stand by is IT. Other wise the gameplay is good the music is great I can't really hate anything but IT.

1: Sonic Advance - Okay my favorite game of all time. I love this game, no ifs ands or buts; it did nearly everything right so much so that a lot of people still consider this to be the real Sonic 4. I still do until and will unless by the end of the Saga they do some more things.

Top 5 Worst Sonic Games

5: Sonic CD - Okay this is a well made game but I simply don't care for it's premise and gameplay gimmick. I did 100% this game, so I my defense, I didn't just play the first 3 levels and say it sucks; and to be honest I had some fun: not a lot, but some.

4: Sonic Heroes (PS2) - Only the PS2 version is bad; I have the Gamecube version to 100% of course and I love it, but this is just a game that someone made into a bad port.

3: Sonic and the Secret Rings (1-player only) - Great concept but ruined by bad controls stick to the multiplayer after beating the main story and getting a good number of the Fire Souls.

2: Sonic Colors(Wii) - I'll be honest, I hate the Wii version. The DS version has better levels, better plot progression, more characters to help progress the plot in the missions, and better bosses. The Wii version has worse controls for most of the Wisps, the stages aren't that fun, the bosses aren't fun, and it's downright cheap; special notice goes to Planet Wisp act 3 in particular. Also, Super Sonic go through hell and he's useless. The cherry on top, Sonic King of Bad Jokes insults Eggman, master of decent puns, just 'cause he can't let Eggman he beat him at something. Also I 100% the game, meaning all S-Ranks, Chaos Emeralds, and 99 lives.

1: Sonic Lost World - This game abandoneds everything about Sonic and just takes the name and runs it through the dirt worst then 06 and Tiger Sonic Jam combined. While those were bad games due to bugs and lack of Trouble shooting this abomination is bad because of idiotic design choices that not even fan games hacks and Flash Games never makes. It's shouting I'm not Sonic So freaking loud it hurts the soul of even dead people who loved the series This games is so bad I would rather be forced to play Sonic Jam on the then play this.

Couples I support

Sonamy: DUH if you need to read this to find out please go to a doctor 'cause I really fear for your mental health.

TailsXCream: Well I support this couple it's cute and well they are the sidekicks to the couple above. (one of only two non same species couples I support.)

BlazeXBig: The idea of this couple makes me like Blaze and bit more and plus I doubt poor old Silver would be able to survive any pyrokinesis mishaps.

ShadowXMaria: This one makes sense to me but I really only support it more when Maria came back as a Hedgehog.

VanillaXVector: I find nothing wrong with this couple. (the other non same species couple I support.)

ScourgeXRosy: It is evil sonamy, so yes.

Tails"Boom"XZooey: I like the idea and they look cute togther.

Couples that I want to destroy with the Eclipse Cannon

Sonic with Princess Mary Sue or Princess who gets kidnapped more than Peach.


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