Heyo I'm Drones. Just a girl who is frequently mistaken for a man on Wikia.

Name: My username is named after a classic game I used to play in my childhood called 'Metal Slug'.

What I do here: My edits usually consist of cleaning up articles for smoother reading. I also have some experience with visual art and coding such as HTML and CSS, with the current skin and color scheme made my myself. I had adminship rights because of this and kept them for 3 years, but it turned out that it mostly consisted of dealing with problems I wasn't interested in so I gave them away.

I like Sonic. The first Sonic game I played was 10 years ago. My favorite Sonic games are the classics and my favorite character is, well, Sonic. I also like some of the modern games. The last time I played a Sonic title was Sonic Generations in 2011.

I'm just gonna put these here, it's from those polls that were originally by SilverPlays97's blogs. They are now blogs made by different users every month. Yay, treat for me.

LgreenE.png This user had been awarded the Master Emerald for being Administrator of the Month! (2)

LblueE.png This user had been awarded the Light Blue Chaos Emerald for posting the Comic of the Month!

LfakeE.png This user had been awarded the Fake Chaos Emerald for being the Joker of the Month! (2)

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