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About Me

I think I am an above average gamer. I LOVE to play games. The games I usually find myself playing now are AQWorlds, Yu-Gi-oh, and Guardians of Middle-Earth.

I am on AQWorlds as Magician of Dragons, and I consider myself as one of the best on AQWorlds. My main weapon is an  Onyx Star Sword. I am also interested in Yu-Gi-oh and have cards of my own, and I duel myself to rank my decks to see wich one is the best and the strongest.

At first when I play a game, I'm a newbie, but after at least a few hours of playing/learning the game, I am almost unbeatable (in my opinion). I almost never give up a fight.

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD's Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, and am almost done with it (already completed the game, but started 2 new games). Because of 1.5, I am getting back into KH. It even went to the point I created my nobody: Atonixon.

If you want to see more Information, look at my pages on other wikis.

I will happily to do anything with anyone as long it is something I do.

sorry for the typos.

See ya elsewhere!

My favorite pages


Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93.gif341919 photo.gifShadow Chaos Emerald.gifShadow standing.gifShadow Chaos Control by ShiningLat.gifThsonicvsshadowfull.gifWin.gif

Silver's Saphire Emerald.gifKnuckles' Ruby Emerald.gifSonic's Topaz Emerald.gifShadow's Emerald Emerald.gifBlaze's Turquoise Emerald.gifAlter's Amethyst Emerald.gifTails' Diamond Emerald.gif

I think I might look like this if I lived with sonic....maybe?

Shadow's symbol for some reason appeals to me.

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at first i did not know how to write a signature, so i made this one.

Don't try and beat me, because you will always lose. I am the Ultimate Living Knight! Sonic vs Shadow by RavenCrow93.gif


"It's time to take it to the next level!"

"If you strick me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

"You're too Slow!"

"Army or not, you must realize, you are DOOMED!"

"I believe that's check-mate!"

"Hello Beasty....."

"I hope you all saw that because I will NOT do it again!"

"Too slow."


"Over here!"

"Time to end this!"


"A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."

"Do not fail worms, or you will answer to ME!"

"Can you not see that I am death?"

"I'm of the nazgul, and I bring doom and dread!"

"Ash nazg durbatuluk." (translation is...)

"One ring to rule them all."

"Welcome, my lords, to Isenguard!"

"Fool, no man can kill me! Die now!"

Favorite Quotes

"Victory is mine!"

"I will find the way to victory."


"Fear my Sting!"

"I'm ready for an adventure!"

"I feel like I can take on anything!"

"Work together, or we'll never win!"

"Listen up friends! (birds sing)"

"Don't underestimate ol' Radagast!"

"Don't you DARE hurt me friends!"

"You simply gave me no choice."

"Come, and face the leader of the White Council!"

"Come, and face your judgement!"

"None who appose me shall survive."

"None can defeat Saruman the White!"

"The blood of Esildur runs through my veins!"

"I challenge you!"

"I am victorious!"

"Come face the Dunidain!"

other wiki info

I am also on many other wikis, but this wiki is my main base as it was the first wiki I have been to. This is the list of wikis im on curently: