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Bilbo Baggins
Age I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
Height Shorter than Yertle the Turtle, taller than a tarantula with a power washer... Yertle's cheating.
Weight It can't be that much on a strict diet of Doritos and Mtn Dew...
Eye color The hue of a lammergeier skillfully stalking its unaware prey.
Relationship status Dating the internet. I can do that, right?
Nice hair! :D Why thank you, I woke up like this~

From browsing this tropical utopia of articles and references and sources, users and blogs and drama, you have inevitably come across a certain specimen of editor, for you are in fact viewing his public profile. Shadowunleashed13 is the title bestowed upon this curious fellow, not by his parents, nor a superior, but instead by himself, for the purpose of hiding his true identity from those who would use it to his detriment. He has granted himself many such titles for personal use on his various peregrinations around faraway kingdoms and democracies and dictatorships, some of which include a home for random short sentences and the empire of the master race. As dictated by binomial nomenclature, Shadowunleashed13 is a member of pyro saurus, from which the word "pyrosaur" is derived; for this reason – as well as several others which need not be stated – we will refer to him as "Burny" in the future.

Our friendly neighborhood pyrosaur has quite a fascinating personality, which defies any label or consistency assigned to it. His grammar habits are a prime example of this capricious behavior, for he has none: one moment he may neglect capitalization and punctuation, or purposefully employ incorrect spelling, but the next tick of the clock brings out a well-versed gentleman with much improved speech. Occasionally rudeness or erratic bemusing remarks will arise; if you encounter such behavior, rest assured that this is only an amiable attempt at humor. The most prominent of Burny's few steadfast attributes is his well-intentioned soul, which means only to help whomever it may meet. Some have misinterpreted this attitude, which has led them to brand him a "suckup", although "socially adept" is a much more suitable term. Despite any ill treatment suffered by himself, he refuses to hold a grudge, choosing instead to forgive but not to forget. If his fellow man is mistreated, however, he will consider it his responsibility to right the wrong.

There was once a time when Burny was a revoltingly selfish creature; speaking without considering the effects of his words and acting without the slightest reflection upon the interests of others. That time has since passed, and our subject prefers not to remember this dismal period in his stay here, a decision which shall now be respected. Presently, he tends to stay active however he can, whether that means fixing redirects or correcting template usage, or contributing to forums, commenting on blogs, or stalking recent changes. Performing administrative work falls within his scope of responsibilities; as such he can be found deleting, moving, and blocking upon request or by himself.

If this brief introduction concerning Burny has somehow managed to pique your interest, you are welcomed to speak to him yourself.

Esteemed acquaintances
"You are valuable... not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are."
Max Lucado

Burny does not wish to keep a friends list, for he fears he may unintentionally cause damage by omitting certain personages. Instead, he simply prefers to remind whomever may read this that no matter your identity, he bears no ill will against you. Admittedly there exists a number of individuals who have truly influenced his life in positive ways and toward whom he remains partial, but he will not pretend that he is anyone's "best friend".

Aforementioned peregrinations
"Not all those who wander are lost."
Gandalf the Grey

The pyro saurus species is particularly infamous for its inconsistently fluctuating cultural tastes. Exception is not given to this particular member; therefore, the information further presented in this section may not have proved worthy to withstand the test of time.

Burny's presence on the digital plane commonly known as the "internet" selects its company with excellent judgment: the entertainment elite. Despite the overwhelming size of his gaming repository, he chooses to spend an unhealthy amount of his waking time on a single digital sport. Fully aware of his detrimental fixation, our pyrosaur friend has embarked on an endeavor to nurture more reasonably wholesome habits without compromising his current passion. No other method of passing time for leisure may be able to contest the place DotA holds in his heart, yet he takes care to reserve space for other noble pursuits:

  • Burny has attempted involvement with popular social media, but enjoyed only limited success. One alternative, however, has managed to captivate his interest despite its many obvious flaws.
  • Burny's diligence is a prize by itself, while rewarding him with an abnormally productive academic background whose success may also be attributed to his parents' sacrificial solicitude. His metier in mathematics perdures to this day, even after his focus has fixed itself to computer science.
  • Burny relishes the excitement of gazing into the depth of the output by his personal computation device for hours on end, but as with all intellectual highbrows he allocates time to pore over thin slices of trees covered in Latin letters of varying combinations. The names of his more revered bound collections of words include The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Airman by Eion Colfer, and What If? by Randall Munroe.

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