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Paul Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik


Doctor Eggman

Dr. Paul Ivo Robotnik is a human-deity hybrid born from Dark Gaia's body, will and spirit and has taken over the world and has ruled it for countless eons and slain Sonic the Hedgehog.


During his service to the Kingdom of Acorn, Eggman had a round torso and wore a red shirt/jacket with a long yellow cape, with black pants with connected boots, and mirrored pince-nez sunglasses due to being the massive size of Dark Gaia.

In the distant future, Eggman remained obese but has become somewhat burlier, taller and less flabby with long, almost disproportionately thin arms and legs. He now wears both tinted glasses and goggles as headwear, through his mustache retains its length, density and mass. Gone are the cape and his suit-like clothes, in their place an elegant, red coat sporting two square metal buttons on both sides of the chest in gold with white stripes and yellow cuffs on the sleeves with white gloves covering his hands, and a pair of black pants with matching boots seemingly attached to them bearing circular plates on the both sides of the ankles and three square ones riding up the shin.




The counterpart of Light Gaia, Dark Gaia originates from the beginning of time, having been spawned in the core of the earth after the planet first came into being.


As per its purpose, Dark Gaia sought to destroy the planet that spawned it. In opposition to that, Light Gaia sought to protect the planet from Dark Gaia. Thus began an endless conflict between the two entities, forming a continuous cycle of destruction and rebirth of the earth over the eons. In this cycle, Dark Gaia would incubate in the earth's core for millions of years, gathering negative energy from the world to mature while sleeping. It would then awaken during the time of awakening as Perfect Dark Gaia and break the planet apart before trying to destroying it. Each time, however, Dark Gaia would be defeated by Light Gaia, who would rebuild the world and return Dark Gaia to dormancy, thus restarting the cycle. If Dark Gaia succeeds its mission, all life on the planet will perish, and the death planet will enter a deep slumber until Light Gaia's arrival.

Some tens of thousands of years ago, Dark Gaia had just finished another cycle with Light Gaia and had returned to the planet's core to grow strong enough for the next confrontation.

Battleship Halberd

Nine thousand years ago, when Dark Gaia was awoke prematurely, G.U.N. forces were responsible for the shutdown of Project Shadow and the resulting deaths of Maria Robotnik and her grandfather Professor Gerald. Prior to his death, however, Gerald prepared a means of revenge against G.U.N. and the rest of the world using his creation Shadow the Hedgehog and Space Colony ARK.

Galactic Eggman Empire conquering the Galaxy

Though Dark Gaia emerged from the planet's core as the Green Hills broke apart, it had yet to reach enough maturity to keep its mass together, As such, Dark Gaia secretly spawned a special and massive human-deity hybrid to end the conflict with Light Gaia.


As Paul Robotnik
Long Live For His Empire

Doctor Eggman's threat message to the world in Sonic Adventure 2.

After being spawned from Dark Gaia, the entity worked his way into the confidence of King Acorn of Westside Island. Having gained the trust of the king in the secret lake, the entity has unleashed his army of demons against Guardian Units of the Nations instantly identifying himself as Paul Robotnik, who later headed up the Ministry of War in the King's regime, and was instrumental in winning the Great War for the monarchy to dismantle the military — from his perspective, this was because the War's end no longer necessitated it. He instantly killed Nicole the Holo-Lynx by deleting her completely. Little is known about the Sonic's life prior to his first adventure, but when Dr. Robotnik has returned to slumber up to nine thousand years, he would quickly make his presence known to the slumbering entity. Sonic's victory over Dark Gaia's essence inspired the creation of the Freedom Fighters, who resided in Westside Island's Knothole. When awakened prematurely by Sonic the Hedgehog, Paul Robotnik has killed all of the freedom fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog and destroyed Westside Island's Knothole stating that he was free to smite the world as he did days long passed and released Shadow the Hedgehog from deep slumber.


The Egg Fleet during its early development

With the death of King Acorn and the extinction of half of both the Human and Mobian tribes, Paul Robotnik laughs victoriously over the destruction of the Freedom Fighters.


As Paul Eggman
Eggman Fleet in Bullet Station

In countless eons, Paul Robotnik managed to terrorize and conquered the entire world and also the entire universe slowly, turning into his own Eggman Empire thanks to Dark Gaia's rise to power and fame. Although he began with demonic servants to carry out his will, he later became enamored with mechanical servants, and recruited mad scientists to make the Badniks. All but one were eventually destroyed before the next generation of Eggman's Army were developed: the Eggman Fleet, Egg Pawns and E-Series. Successors to the Badniks, the advanced army of robots and fleet of numerous ships became the model for a series of anime-based minions that served Eggman well into the height of his power, and were his standard henchmen.


Hungry for more power, Eggman established the Earth as a space-faring world, opening his ports to surrounding worlds in order to plunder and conquer worlds beyond as well. The influx of aliens, ranging from enslaved species to rough immigrants, have made the Earth a hodge-podge of a dystopian society primarily run by tyrants and gangs and has the mad scientists to make the Death Egg, massive battle station with the eye like super lasers which was made for bombardments on planets who dared to oppose Eggman. As the source of his money, Eggman largely ignored the aristocrats and left them to play, while the poorer inhabitants were turned into slaves using roboticization.


  • Paul Robotnik is the combination of all of the Robotniks from Anime, Comics, Manga and Cartoons.
  • Paul Robotnik resemble Aku from Samurai Jack.
  • Due to being born from Dark Gaia, Paul Robotnik is based on his creator's will.

Paul Gekko


Paul Gekko (Naruto Heroes)

Paul Gekko is a human-deity hybrid born from Light Gaia's love and compassion.


Paul Gekko has peach skin, brown hair and green eyes. He had the a small, thin that red scar runs over his left eye. He wears the green shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers.



Light Gaia originates from the beginning of time, having been spawned in the core of the earth after the planet first came into being.

t was back then that Chip began his job of protecting the earth from Dark Gaia who sought its destruction, starting an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth of the planet. In this cycle, Chip would awaken from the planet's core after Dark Gaia had incubated in it for millions of years and broken the planet apart during the time of awakening. Chip would then return Dark Gaia to dormancy in the planet's core, rebuild the planet, and go back to sleep in the core again, thus restarting the cycle. Despite his many years of duty, Chip never came to learn about the earth itself.

Some tens of thousands of years ago, Chip had just finished another cycle of destruction and recreation of the world with Dark Gaia, before returning to dormancy for Dark Gaia's return. Nine thousand years ago, Chip has awoken prematurely. Though Dark Gaia emerged from the planet's core as the Green Hills broke apart, spawning Paul Robotnik, Chip has spawned a fragment of his own which he dubbed Paul Gekko.


Early life as a prince

After being born from Light Gaia, Paul Gekko was born as the Prince of Westside Island, and he clashed with the United Federation at some point. Eventually, it came to be ruled by King Nigel Acorn. While he ruled justly, the king made the mistake of trusting Dr. Eggman, who repaid his kindness by unleashing the horde of demons and annihilated the United Federation. At Mobotropolis, Paul begins to play with a wooden sword, when all of a sudden a great shadow falls over the land. The Empress of Chun-nan grabs the young Paul Gekko and carries them away from the burning palace by boat. The Empress hands the prince over to the captain of a ship. He spends his childhood and teenage years in various cultures.

When Paul arrives at the African village, the village chief says Paul is truly Light Gaia's son because he looks just like him. Hearing that makes Paul lean his head down in sadness. The chief comments that he knows that Paul's presence at the village means that Dark Gaia has returned and that Sonic the Hedgehog is now the world's only hope against Aku now.


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