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  • My occupation is SINGING SONGS FOR U GUIZ, U LIEK?


Quotation1 I tried to be normal once. Then I turned out to be a greater threat to society then I already am so I quit. Quotation2
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Hello! I'm PKMN! I am a 13 year old dude who loves pokemon and sonic! (Hence my user name
FotoFlexer Animation

So cute!!!

pokemonthehedgehog.) I am also a proud christian. Incorrect edits caught: 62
Pikachu the hedgehog

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My top 10 favorite sonic characters.

  1. Shadow

    Mr.T ain't got nothin' on Shadow!

  2. Tails

    Tails is awesome and smart! And Classic him triples with cute

  3. G-mel

    G-mel is epic in a bottle. Just saying

  4. Metal Sonic

    Metal is like the best villain in the series!

  5. Blaze
    Blaze The Cat - Artwork (2)

    Blaze is hot... *Drools*

  6. Sonic
    SG modern and classic

    Sonic is the mascot, why wouldn't I like him?

  7. Knuckles
    Knuckles The Echidna -180px- Artwork (3)

    Knuckles is the most beast power type out there

  8. Silver

    Although he's bad with lighters (See background for details) Silver is pure telekinetic awesomeness

  9. Espio

    Espio is literally ninja

  10. Jet
Credit for the posters goes to Mewkat14. Thanks!

Jet is epic. He's almost as cool of a rival as Shadow! (Not Rly but still)

Hit Friend list.

  • 'Sonic the Hedgehog'
  • MetalShadow272 (Close friend & Electron Speed type, Lightning)
  • Myself123 
  • 'Shadow the Hedgehog'
  • IceSeason101 (Great friend)
  • Werekitty119
  • Knowall (Best friend)
  • CariconCommander
  • Genesjs (Fave admin on here)
  • GreenHillTraveler
  • Necromancer540
  • CesarteamHYRO (Awesome dude)
  • Pinkolol16
  • CloudtheHedgehog12
  • Phantom R
  • Chormira the Autobot (Great friend)
  • 58 SlugDrones!
  • SilvertheHedgehogman
  • Mewkat14 
  • Sandra the Porcupine (Close friend)
  • Slia 
  • Codelyokofan60
  • Sonic 5D's (my brother)
  • HyperHeart58 (Best friend & Team Electron power type, Hyper)
  • SilvertheHedgehog
  • Murphyshane
  • Ediskrad327
  • FreeSmudger
  • Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario
  • Fly the Fox
  • Weakmeads1
  • MetalDharak
  • SonicToast (Awesome dude)
  • Conswamcgaga
  • JaketheHedgehog
  • Technology Wizard
  • Jet232
  • Katrins
  • Syber the Hedgehog
  • Crystal Rose
  • Malamuer
  • Zeusthetiger (BFF offline)
  • Sonic Fan1185
  • The Shadow of Darkness
  • BlueSpeeder (Close friend)
  • Charmy Bee (Great friend)
  • FlopiSega
  • Thunder the Hedgehog (Best Friend)
  • Glitchguy (Great friend)
  • Amyrose112
  • Sonicismylife
  • SplashTheHedgehog
  • Le Solace (The Hero of Philange)
  • Shadowunleashed13
  • Speedy X
  • Seanbot582

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