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Quotation1.svg And then Penders said "Upon the flash of white light I will go throughout Mobius. Every soul whom is of my creation through pencil and ink will die, from the firstborn son of the King, who sits on the throne, to the girl of whose body consists of both blood and iron, There will be loud wailing throughout Mobius—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again." Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg And then SEGA & Archie Comics went forth and said to the SEGA characters "Take inks of black or white pigments and go forth to paint © on each limb of your body, on each sides of the door frames and windows of your homes. None of you shall go out of the door of your home until Pender's Purge is complete." And when Penders goes through the land to strike down the Mobians, he will see the © on the top and sides of the door & window frames and will pass over that doorway, and will not enter your home and smite you. Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg Then Penders said to Ivo Robotnik and Albert Wiley, "Stretch out a hand toward the sky so that a blinding white light will spread over Mobius— a light so bright that it can be felt." So Robotnik and Wiley together stretched out a hand toward the sky, and flash of white covered all of Mobius for 92 days and 92 nights (Issue #249 - #251). Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg And at the flash of blinding light, Penders went forth throughout the lands of Mobius, with each of whom who were not granted immunity, were struck down and annihilated where they stood. For not even a molecule nor atom remained of them upon the surface of the ground on which once casted their shadows. The remaining men, women and children all got up during the night, and there was loud wailing throughout Mobius, for there was not a household or family without someone missing. Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg During the night SEGA & Archie Comics summoned Ken Penders and said, “Up! Leave our franchise, you and your characters! Go, build the Lara-Su Chronicles as you have requested! Take your characters, stories, locations and fan-fictions with you and go! And so, he went forth. Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg Now the length of time all Mobians lived upon Mobius was 22 years. At the end of the 22nd year, to the very day, all of Penders' creations were purged from Mobius. Then SEGA said to Archie Comics, “These are the regulations for the comics..." Quotation2.svg

  • Sega-specific original characters are not permitted familial relationships unless already established.
  • Use of Ken Penders characters or any of his content from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave are forbidden.
  • All characters and content (with the exception of original Sega characters) from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • Characters from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Sonic Underground or Sonic X are forbidden to be referenced.
  • Sonic's home planet must no longer be permitted to be referred to as “Mobius”, be it Light, Dark, Prime or otherwise.
  • Only one Metal Sonic is permitted for appearance but no multiples.
  • Established characters must no longer acknowledge their lives before the purge.
  • Sonic is not allowed to “lose”. He can be 'put down' and experience hardship but is not allowed to completely 'fail'.
  • Main and/or significant characters are forbidden in forming intimate or love-relationships.

"Dear my Friend - Brent Cash - Sonic Unleashed"

This is the Memorial Page for each and every character taken or effected by Ken Pender's legal cases. This is dedicated to all those who fell victim to the Great Purge, taken away so suddenly when they were needed most, and lose those who had to make the most difficult decisions, and those who were just beginning to know themselves better than they ever could.

It was never something we welcome, but with death...comes serenity, a clarity that you never expected. You experience the present as the inevitable destination of every step you've taken towards it... And in that same moment, you see a different path stretch out in front of you. The path you could've taken at the first step. We are all on this road together. The good men who fight for wrong causes... and the corrupt men who cloak themselves in righteousness. Each one of them convinced they are on the side of the angels. But every journey has an end... and death can only be cheated for so long... we had thrown everything we had at Penders and came up short. Now it was time to pay the price.

When visiting, please have a moment of silence and pay respects.

Quotation1.svg Why is one Mobian spared, while another taken? To this day, I couldn't give you an answer. But death comes for us all, eventually. When you lose over 200 characters in a single court case, it's easy for one death to become just another number. But all I knew was my childhood was gone, and a part of me wished that I had been taken instead. The dead - they've settled their debts. It's up to the living to pick up the tab. Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg There's a page in the Sonic News Network, where the names of the dead are inscribed. We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory. Those memories are all that's left, when the ba**** have taken everything else. Quotation2.svg
Quotation1.svg And so it is time to say farewell to the taken. Characters I had the privilege and honor to follow in the lives and footsteps of. A character is only important in proportion to his or her impact on the lives of others. By this standard, the Pre-Super Genesis Wave characters ranks among one my very best. Quotation2.svg

Rose PNG6377.png
Rose PNG637.png

Let us take a moment to remember the fallen.

Quotation1.svg We pushed - they pushed. Every once in a while, they push hard enough that the light breaks through the the world beyond the war glimmers - just out of reach. Mobius is the world, and the world is Mobius. But behind every page, under every ink, every pencil and every colour, is a Mobians. They are the jaded, and they are the naive. They are the honorable, and the criminal. The bound-for-legend and the lost-to-history. They are the knights in the sky, the ghosts in the desert, and the rats in the mud. These are their stories." Quotation2.svg

Rose PNG6377.png
Rose PNG637.png

Some notable victims

Quotation1.svg Like I said, it's too late for me. You've got a future to save, I... don't. See you around, kid. Quotation2.svg
Geoffrey St. John - Sonic Universe #43
Quotation1.svg I'll never forget you. I'll be here by you, always. A part of the Earth you tread. Quotation2.svg
Chip - Sonic Unleashed
English Romaji
If I try to put an end to the indelible past... Kienai kinou ga owaroutoshite...
And close my eyes, even now, that's right, you are... Hitomi tojireba ima demo sou kimi ga...
My memories are still not used to living alone Omoi dewa itsudemo mujyaki na mama de
While still innocent all the time. Hitori no kurashi mada narenakute.
The traces that I met in the engulfing times... Nomi komare sonna jidai ni deatta kiseki...
Back then, I thought that you'll love me ... Ano koro wa tada soba ni iru dake de just me being by your side. ai seto to omotte ita.
Overflowing feelings don't stop. Afureru kanjyou ga tomaranai.
I wanted to embrace the same future within time. Onaji yume toki no naka zutto daite itakatta.
Houses line down the street drift by being dyed red. Nagareru machi nami akaku someteku.
If I notice pain, it'll turn into happiness. Itami mo kidzukeba shiawase ni kawaru.
Only bluffing it, right, is my proof of living. Tsuyou ga ri dake ga sou ikiteku watashi.
My heart lights up like a candlelight. Rounsoku no hi no you ni kokoro tobosu.
Every time people wipe away tears, they understand bonds. Hito wa namida wo fukutabi hito wo shitte.
The warm strength that you gave me will change into kindness. Kimi ga kureta atatakai chikara yasashisa ni kaete yuku yo.
Overflowing feelings don't stop. Afureru kanjyou ga tomaranai.
I'll live while I felt it, for me to be myself. Kanjita mama ikiteku yo boku ga boku de aru tame ni.
Healed by overflowing friendship. Afureru yuujyou ni iyasarete.
Our fated encounter is a truth, and someday we'll be able to understand each other. Meguri ai ga shinjitsu dato itsuka wakari aeru yo...
Overflowing feelings don't stop... Afureru kanjyou ga tomaranai yo...