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  • I've been around this wiki since 5th May, 2008
  • My favourite article is List of cameos and references.
  • I made have made 24,165 edits so far.
  • I've been an SNN admin since 12 March 2009 and still am for over 10 years.

About me



I am 33 years old and I live in UK. My family had a Sega Master System II where I remember Alex Kidd in Miracle World being the first game I ever played. We eventually got a Mega Drive way back in the 90s so I was around when Sonic 1 hit the shelves and been a fan of the franchise ever since. I'm the forum moderator here on SNN but I also do other admin duties.

It is a dream of mine to be able to make computer games all by myself and become a big shot in making games, perhaps be the next Takashi Iizuka or Shigeru Miyamoto someday. Sadly at my age and pace in life, it appears the window of oppotunity to be that awesome is closing on my life.


My current projects are an unnamed Sonic fan game. I haven't settled on a name but it will be a 3D adventure game plaid out like Classic era of games, where you go through one zone after another.

The idea of the project is to learn how to make a Sonic game as I go along and hopefully develop the experiance I need to make my Ultimate Sonic fan game someday,

Ultimate Sonic

Ultimate Sonic is on indefinate hiatus until I learn how to make a Sonic fan game with Unity.

Team Fortress 2

My other side projects is my Team Fortress 2 map which I'm nearly close to finishing. I say "nearly" because while I fairly recently required the textures to finish the map with, I can't figure out how to make Hammer use them so I may still be stumped on it for a long time. The map in question is a King of the Hill map of Green Hill Zone. If done well may make a Capture the Flag variant.

If anyone who knows how to use Hammer Editor and can help me, please message me on my Wall. I could really use the help.

About Mystic Monkey

SonicFanon article: Mystic Monkey

Mystic Monkey is a Sonic fan characters based from the main Sonic the Hedgehog games. He hails from Forest Zone, located in what would be Sonic's world version of Grand Kingdom. He is one of many Sonic's fans and even dresses like him.

Inspired by Sonic's adventures, he wanted to adventure across the world and even be a hero against the Eggman Empire. Mystic understands he is without any form of protection such as Sonic's sharp hairstyle or Knuckles powerful fists, however he does have a genuine sword in which he practiced with.

A Sword Master noticed and found interest in the monkey and agreed to teach him the way of the blade. Through him Mystic became better at swordsmanship that he was able to perform skills comparable to Sonic's agility. However despite his skills, his mum refused to let him out into the open world.

Mystics life as a hero started when Nack the Weasel came to Forest Zone in seeking the Secace, a valuble treasure that survived the ancient times. Finding it as the weapon of the Sword Master, he killed him (it wasn't a Popgun Nack had but a revolver which obviously trumps sword) and took the sword. Mystic vowed to avenge his teacher and against his mothers wishes, left Grand Kingdom to pursuit Nack.

Mystic eventually defeated Nack and returned hime with the sword. His mother angry that he left, but reluctantly agrees that Mystic is capable for his adventures. (She now lives in Green Hill Zone, a beautiful sea side home paid for from all the rings Mystic collected through out his adventures.)

Other adventures

Mystic is a bit of a vagabond and goes where he please and enjoys adventure. He has leadership qualities mostly goes out for his own adventures. His rings he collects mostly goes to his mothers well being who lives near the shores of Green Hill Zone. He meets many friends on his adventures, some recognisable from the games, other fellow fan characters like him.

My Sonic merch

My favourite Sega console.

The game continuality is the fandom I strongly believe in than all the other branches. This is because that despite it not having much of a plot thats not a game, it is still what I consider actual Sonic.

These are all the Sonic games and DVDs I own:


Master System II

Mega Drive

Sega Saturn


None yet, but hoping to get Sonic Shuffle


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

Xbox Live


Wii U

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DSi




My Bologna
My Signiture
My Sonic Fanon Wiki userpage
MonoBook skin sandbox and my JavaScript wiki sandbox

Articles I started (And sometimes to-do list)

List of articles I made (under their original names for commemoration.)

Chaos Energy
Sonic & the Black Knight
Summer of Sonic
Chaos Drives
Item boxes
Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor
Sonic: Night of the Werehog
Hedgehog Engine
Gaia Temples
Level Up Item
Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games
Uhu the Wind Genie
Townspeople (S&tBK)
Treasury (S&tBK)
Mystic Melody
Ring of Ultimate Velocity
Sonic World
Dr Robotnik (song)
Santa Claus (Didn't started it, but Supermorff did.)
Alberto Robert
Weapons in Sonic and the Black Knight
Avatar (Xbox 360)
Soap shoes
Sonic token
Beginner (Extreme Gear)
Gameplay Mechanics
Sonic Adventure DLC
Sonic's Birthday
Mirrors of Soleanna
Light Cores
Items in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Key Stones
Rengoku (Extreme Gear)
Council of Four
Sonic's adopted parents
Life Energy
All about... Sonic the Hedgehog
Simon Lane
Adventure Field
Mission Mode
Bygone Island
Marza Animation Planet
Chaos Emerald Ring
Rotten Egg Bomb
Maid robots
Meteor (Sonic Boom)
Tails' Plane
Eggman's Tomato Sauce
Power-absorbant Insoles
Granifier Giganticus
Alternate-dimension Bygone Island
Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic Boom) (alternate reality)
Card & Pinball
777 Slots Pinball
Check Point (Sonic Boom)
Tails' Spaceship
Pearl & Rich Pearl
Particle Accelerator
Ancient Mech
Halloween Special Stage
Christmas Special
Sega Superstars series
Windy Hill, Sky Road & Lava Mountain (Sonic Runners stages)
Desert Ruins, Tropical Coast & Frozen Factory (Sonic Runners stages)
Chaos Emerald (Sonic Underground)
Sonic Underground (Group)
Sir Charles' Spy Room
Electro-Encellographic Memory Inducer
Abandoned Space Station
Sonic Riders series
Super Monkey Ball
Spring Valley & Splash Garden
Shiubuya DownTown
Carnival Town & Carnival Park
Sonic Room
Transporter Machine
Iblis's Minions
Project Sonic 2017
Size Beam
71244 Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (LEGO Dimensions)
Sonic (amiibo)
Legacy Mission
Akira Yuki
Power Pearl
Robotropolis (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)
Mount Splatterhorn
Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier
Hill Top Village
Meroke Crystal
Hard Boiled Heavy, until original content was copy-pasted into Heavy Gunner
Fregosi Sapphire
Knuckles' Monster Truck
Lord Eggman
Alternate Dimension
Vector the Crocodile (Sonic Boom)
Sonic Speedster
Warp Topaz
Metal Virus
Sonic Runners/Events & Sonic Forces: Speed Battle/Events
Battle Mode (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Spike Gate


Of fan art!


Other wiki's

Other wiki's I work with.

Sonic Fanon Wiki
Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Bronies wiki (Admin)

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