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The most recent recurring Sonic cast

Myself 123. A guy who does stuff probably.

Hello People

Hi, my name is Myself 123 (but you knew that already), I'm currently studying to become an actor. Not entirely sure that will turn out, but yeah. I have an interest in Sonic sprites, and I have made a couple of sprite comics of my own. Check my blog to see my comics.

http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Chat - link to chat if I ever need it.


I got this idea in my head and felt like a good idea so I’ve started writing it down. I don't often think of myself as a good writer but, like I said I got this idea. It'll feature Gemerl and some other characters that haven't made solid appearances lately and I’ll release it in different parts.

I have finally added Part 3. click here to read it.

Sonpidity Comics

Sonpidity Comics is my Sonic sprite comic series... The name was a placeholder that kinda just stuck, just go with it. Information about my comic can be seen here.

Fan character

This section of my userpage is dedicated to my fan character: Claws the Cat!

Claws the Cat is a 15-year-old black cat and best friend of Burn the Hedgehog.

Concept and Creation

I created Claws one boring summer, originally, he was depicted as a ginger cat in reference to one of my pet cats, wearing black fingerless gloves. However, after noticing he looked similar to Tails, I changed him to black (in reference to another pet cat). Early concept had him living with Tails and being guinea pig for him many inventions, including shoes that produced energy blast and propelled the wearer forward. Another concept showed him have an evil brother called Fang, who ended up working for Dr. Eggman and fighting against his brother.


Early life

Born Edward Whiskermier the 3rd, Eddie was born into a noble, wealthy and well-known family. Eddie never felt like he lived up the Whiskermiers' name, he didn't act noble, nor did he do well in school and he disliked the job his parents had set up for him in the future, he didn't want to be a lawyer, instead he wanted to be a world famous guitarist, or a professional airboarder.

Livin' in the city

When his parents didn't allow him to peruse his dreams, Eddie left home at 14 and headed towards Central City to make it big as either a guitarist or an airboarder. Despite hailing from rich heritage, Eddie brought little money with him and had to sleep rough. Whilst living on the streets, Eddie had to defend himself from various muggers and thieves who were after guitar and airboard, hoping to sell them from a hefty amount of rings, to defend himself, Eddie used his claws to fend off anyone who dared go against him and got a name for himself on the streets as Claws the Cat, something that Eddie liked, so he decided to keep it. Claws started to earn rings by busking on the streets, gaining little money, Claws started entering airboarding competitions and talent contests. After a couple of months, Claws thought that he'd earned enough money to rent an apartment. After searching for a place to live to live, Claws met a green hedgehog called Norbert. As both were in need of a place to live, they decided to pitch in and rent an apartment together.

Claws 'n' Burn

Claws and Norbert got along well and quickly became friends, despite Norbert always dreaming about being a hero and great achievements and Claws being completely lazy. Although they were close friends, Claws never talked about his family or where he came from, wanting to forget the parents who always saw him as the "black sheep". After a year of living together, Norbert got attacked by a usual red liquid life form whilst he was out and about. This, for some reason, gave him the power of pryrokenesis, learning of this new power, Norbert changed his name to Burn and dedicated his life fighting evil and helping others. Burn (and a reluctant Claws, enlisted as a sidekick) helped Sonic and pals thwart Dr.Eggman's evil plans, and burn was happy knowing he had become a hero.

Inferno Burn

Despite his defeat at the hands of Sonic and the others, Eggman managed to back get on his feet and rebuild his empire rather quickly. Seeing that Eggman had bounced back so quickly after his defeat, Burn was overcome with anger believing his hard work fighting counted for nothing. The anger took control of him, and his body was immersed in flames, his body turned completely red and his eyes glowed a fiery yellow. This new form left Burn hungry for revenge and destruction and hurtled towards Eggman's newly-built warship and sent it down in a matter of seconds, but it wasn't enough, Burn's lust for revenge turned to destruction and Burn was willing to destroy the entirety of Central City. Claws, with the help of Tails' Tornado 2, flew up to Burn and tried to convince him to stop, Claws finally got through to Burn and he came to his senses. Looking at what he'd done and what he'd become, Burn speed off into distance saying that he'd let the world down.


Claws was deeply saddened by Burn's disappearance and, worst of all, he was now unable to keep up with the rent. At risk of being left homeless (again) Claws knew he had to find a new roommate. Claws eventually find one in the shape of Punk the Hedgehog, Punk kept himself to himself and spent most of his time in his room and he would rarely speak to Claws. Claws may have been able to keep up with the rent, but the void left by Burn, was still there. Never the less, things were going o.k., not great, but o.k., until Claws saw something he never thought he’d see...

Introducing Air

Claws was out buying food when he saw something rather unexpected, a blue echidna. Claws, astounded by the sight before him, had to ask questions. The echidna revealed himself as Air the Echidna, who hails from a hidden tribe, Air had been sent out into the world by his farther (who is also chief of said tribe) to hone is unique skill of flight. Claws offers Air to stay at his flat and Air agrees. Claws began to teach Air the ways of the modern world and the two became friends, Claws began to miss Burn less and less.


Several months had passed since Burns disappearance and Claws began to give up hope of ever seeing his friend again, when suddenly, Burn returned from his long absence, much to Claws' surprise. Burn revealed that he had learnt to control his powers so he may never lose control of them again, he also realized, during his isolation, that his powers were not that dissimilar to chaos powers. Claws was delighted to see that his old friend had returned from such a long absence, however Burn soon felt that Claws had replaced him with Air & Punk and got into a heated argument and Burn left, just as quickly as he came.

will write more soon.

Current Events

Claws is still trying to make it big with one his two career choices, however certain world saving events keep getting in the way. Claws once tried to help Skyler rescue his friend from a metal counterpart in one of Eggman's twisted theme parks (which is actually a very good place to try out airboarding skills), he then passed through a cave in the city of metropolis perusing the copy, only to be kidnapped himself by an evil robot known as EVAN...(unfinished)

Claws was also brought to a strange in-universal hub by someone known as Jezz the Hedgehog, said to be the creator of the master emerald and somewhat controller of time and was sent to an alternate world to assist Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow in collecting chaos emeralds that were scattered across the different universes...(unfinished)


Claws is very lazy and would rather sleep than do work. Despite this, enjoys using his airboard and will go out for hours honing his skills, in fact, airboarding is usually the only exercise Claws ever gets. Claws also has a very short temper and is known to go into a fit of rage if angered too much. However Claws is generally a kind person and will not hesitate to help or protect others. Claws favorite food is pizza and he always keeps a box on him in case he gets hungry when out and about. Claws also has a strong hatred for all forms of oppression and believes that everyone should be able to live their lives as they choose (provided they don't commit acts of evil), for this reason alone, he completely despises Eggman.


Claws is known to have some amount of super strength nearly on par with Knuckles. Claws primarily attacks by using his razor-sharp claws which he can also use to climb walls. As mentioned above, Claws is also very skilled at performing tricks on his airboard, while his airboard is not particularly fast, Claws often uses it to move around as he dislikes running. Claws is also very skilled at playing guitar and can play extremely fast. Using his guitar, Claws has access to an attack called Past Eleven, where he plays his guitar at a high decibel, creating a sound wave that can deal large amounts of damage. Claws is also known to use his Guitar or airboard as a melee weapon, (usually using the guitar over the airboard) as well as using them to block incoming attacks.


Claws main weakness is his uncontrollable rage, if angered enough, Claws will go into a blind rage and will charge foolishly headfirst into his opponent, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Claws is also quite slow compared to other characters and can only move at speed with use of his airboard.



  • George Whiskermier the 6th (father)
  • Victoria Whiskermier (mother)
  • Tybolt Whiskermier the 4th (brother)



  • Doctor Eggman
  • Freeze the Hedgehog
  • Destructo the Dragon
  • Gizmo the Monkey
  • Blast the Wolf

Theme Song

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

If Claws was in...

This is just something I decided to do purely out of boredom.

Sonic Chronicles


Claws is a lazy cat, who would rather play guitar and airboard than do work. Despite this, Claws is always ready to help out a friend in need. Claws is known for his impressive strength, aggravated by his short temper. Born into a rich family, Claws never felt that he fitted in with his aristocrat parents, and decided to leave to start a new life in the city. Since then, Claws has been working hard to make a career as either a Guitarist, or a pro airboarder.

Claws' strength can be use to break boxes in the way, in addition Claws can use his razor-sharp claws to climb walls.

Claws is quite powerful, his damage power being nearly as great as knuckles, and can deal two attacks each round. however his armor is lower than some others. As a shifter, Claws has one or two decent attacks. He can also use his guitar to aid his his team mates in other ways.

Field Abilities:

  • Wallclimbing
  • Smash II (I always thought it was stupid how Amy was the only one who could reach smash III, especially considering how Omega BLEW UP the boxes in when he used smash.)

Class: Shifter

POW Moves:

Fury: Claws attacks one enemy with a quick swipes from his claws, that pierce a targets armor.

  • Damage:
  • Effect: Armor Piercing

Battle Cry: Claws plays an inspirational solo on guitar, rallying all other team-mates, increasing their speed and strength.

  • Damage: No damage
  • Effect: Empowered, Forified

Bring Down: Claws plays a solo making his enemies lose the will to fight

  • Damage: No Damage
  • Effect: Weakened, Vulnerable

Past Eleven: Claws plays his guitar a full decibel, hitting all enemies with a powerful sound wave.

  • Damage:
  • Effect:
  • Element: Wind

Rage: Claws' temper rises, greatly increasing his attack power, but leaving him vulnerable to attack.

  • Damage: No Damage
  • Effect: Empowered, Vulnerable

Feline Blockade: Claws protects on of his team mates, taking damage instead of them.

  • Damage: No Damage




I am currently working on a sprite sheet for Claws the Cat. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I am going post the sprites as I go along.

EDIT: I'm not going to update my sprites any more until the sheet is completed. I've updated it too many times.


  • Claws is notably shorter than other characters his age. When asked about his height, Claws will respond with "You sayin' I'm short?" Suggesting he's quite sensitive about the subject.
  • Despite being a cat, Claws is very clumsy and will often fall flat on his face.
  • Claws' guitar seems to be stronger than a standard one. Claws has used it as a melee weapon several times without it showing any visible damage.
  • Claws' signiture move, Past Eleven, is a reference to spoof documentary "This is Spinal Tap" where the band's amps go up to eleven.


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