aka Certified gorefic reader

  • I live in Cheerilee's Garden
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Harvesting Spectra with Dash
  • I am a cat


I am on DeviantArt! My DA: icanhasdino

My best friend ever: xFollowmyrainbowx, or Tatiana the Dark :3 (btw Tati that's my youtube name >.<)


PWNIES!! :D :D :D :D


  • Pet: A unicorn that breathes fire and poops rainbows and candy and takes me on rides to parallel dimensions and other planets. Meh, no. Just a cat who sleeps all day and tries to eat my feet.
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Playing: Borderlands 2, the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Fallout New Vegas <3 
  • Watching: the Walking Dead, Slyfoxhound, danisnotonfire
  • Activity: Usually offline (on tumblr too much)
  • Thoughts: but Mr Beale, why can't I do my book report on Homestuck?
  • Listening to: Skyfall
  • Learning: anartomy, animu

Contact the loser

I'm a sore loser who spends her time drawing Sonic, anime kawaii desu and MLP:FiM, writing both fanfictions and original fictions, plays video games, crying over her otps, or going to dance class.

More about me

  • ​I can get hyper. SO WATCH OUT.
  • I has a kitty cat :3
  • I draw ponies, anime and sonic stuff. I do fairly cheap commissions, if you're interested check my dA:
  • I also write a lot, but I kind of keep that to myself, family and friends since I write really cheesy adventure stories. But if you want to read any of them just leave a message on my talk page ^u^
  • I have a knack for finding creepypasta.
  • Gamzee is my patron troll and he scares the crap out of me.
  • I don't really have a favorite genre of music, but I love these bands/performers:
  -Stuck in Your Radio (favorite band ever) 
  -Owl City 
  -Marina and the Diamonds 
  -General Mumble 


  • Dashie! :3
  • MimitheHedgehog:3 (Thank you Sonicpower, for making this!)
  • Meow :3

Favorite Sonic Characters

My favorite part of Sonic is that there's a lot of characters.

Throughout the series, there's the good and the bad (*cough Chris Thorndyke cough*), and these are the ones I'd say should be classified as "good."

I want to point out that I don't like Chris because of his annoying voice, and the fact that he literally STOLE Tails's spot. It's useless and I would have liked Sonic X much more if he magically died and I never would have to hear that prissy voice again.

Favorite My Little Ponies (FiM)

In order of the mane six:

  1. Dashie
  2. Rarity
  3. Applejack
  4. Pinkie Pie
  5. Twilight Sparkle
  6. Fluttershy

The Cutie Mark Crusaders:

  1. Scootaloo
  2. Sweetie Belle
  3. Apple Bloom

Sonic Games I Own

  1. Sonic Heroes for PC and PS2
  2. Sonic Generations for PS3
  3. Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing for PS3
  4. Sonic Adventure for PS3
  5. Sonic Adventure 2 for PS3
  6. Sonic CD for PS3
  7. Sonic Advance for Gameboy
  8. Sonic Advance 2 for Gameboy
  9. Sonic Advance 3 for Gameboy
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for PS3

My Characters

I call the group below Team Omochao because screw logic. They named themselves after an annoying robot, okay?

Mimi the Hedgehog- My main Sonic FC, she's a hedgehog who has accumulated her skills and agility from years of parkour. She learned how to free run and do parkour when she was young. She used to live on a farm with Tatiana, her parents, her older twin sisters and her older brother. 

She is pretty tough, and refuses to show fear because she doesn't want to sound weak. She's fairly independent, but she will gladly work with others if needed. 

She's kind of stubborn and tough when you first meet her, but once you become aquaintances with her, she'll begin to act nicer around you and start playing with you. If you're her friend, she's actually quite cheerful and bubbly.

She lives in Station Square, Central City (Station Square is in Central City ok) with her sister Tatiana and right across the street from her boyfriend Aleks.


also she's Mimi's younger sister

Onyx the Cat- Onyx is a very shy cat. She usually spends her time at home or playing with her doll, which she carries around so she never has to be alone. She's 14, and became friends with Mimi and Tatiana when Mimi was fighting Talia and Aeris in Station Square. Tatiana had gotten hurt and Mimi had to help her, leaving herself in danger. Onyx had helped by throwing her doll at Talia, who crashed into Aeris. It distracted the twins long enough for Mimi to get Tatiana to a safe spot and come back. When Mimi did come back, she asked Onyx to help her fight the demon twins. She gladly accepted and moved into an apartment near Mimi and Tatiana's home. 

Aaylin the Arctic Fox- Aaylin enjoys snow. And by enjoy I REALLY mean enjoy. She doesn't have any seasonal changing powers, but sometimes she really wish she did. 

Her fur changes color as the seasons pass. When it's winter, she's pure white, but when it's summer, her fur turns a beige-ish color.

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