Hey SNN. It's been a very wild, eventful, and fun time here at the Sonic Wiki. I would like to thank all of the support from the users and admins at this wiki, specifically those who were prominent editors for the time I was active. This includes mostly SLJ, Mystic Monkey, Kagi, Shelly, and Akamia. I know that I became inactive almost shortly after my election to admin, because I decided to retire from this venture as I cannot find the time to be able to make a large difference and after coming to revelations about the direction this wiki was going and the ultimate goals of the users that I am still afraid to admit are true and was a willing participant in. After being inactive for other business and then coming to those conclusions I forced myself to leave the wiki for the duration of the current direction of the wiki.

I am currently a college student and, as the result, I probably won't have the time to dedicate myself again to this wiki. In fact, its been such a long time since writing this that I forget most of the fundamental wiki coding here. However, I will continue to check in on the Wiki as I still believe, and will support, that this is the definitive Sonic Wiki, and I want to see the wiki prove me wrong for the better.

I will still make my presence around TSSZ news, Sonic Stadium, Sonic Retro, and Sonic Wrecks. I am currently in the process of being a blogger for one of these sites (which at the moment is looking to the worst). You may see me comment on articles.

At my formal request I ask that the administrators and editors of this site NOT delete my page, remove my status as administrator (selfish, I know, but read the rest), or delete/edit my fan fiction paraphernalia. I consider those somewhat a testament and symbol to my fervent Sonic Fandom and I may refer to those texts when I return to writing my book for inspiration. For other reasons, I want to keep this page up should someone like to contact me: I WILL be available for reply. So long as the wiki's agenda continues as I left it and currently see it, consider this my letter of retirement. --Milotheechidna 03:57, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

Tails to Astonish
This article contains fan fiction, which may or may not have been made up by a member of this Wiki.
It may also contain information or images, that are not seen in any official Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 It's useless to resist, their effort will be wasted Quotation2
Throw It All Away
My message to all of you vandals. YOUR effort will be wasted!
' This user is a fan of Sonic The Hedgehog.

' This user is a reader of TSSZ News.

' This user supports Knuxouge

' This user is a supporter of fan articles in userspace


This is stuff I, for some odd reason, cannot fit in my profile

  • User Status: Admin
  • User Log-on Status: I'm trying to fix my computer for compatability with Wikia (Internet Explorer 6 is phasing out)
  • Best SNN Friend: Akamia. We've been on good terms since I created my account
  • User Since: February 2009
  • Favorite Game: Sonic and the Secret rings
  • Favorite Article: Mephiles the Dark
  • Favorite Character: Sonic the Hedgehog/Knuckles the Echidna (One's a critical fav and the other an inspiration)
  • Favorite Fangame: Currently in the works, Sonic Heroes 2


Please add yourself if you consider me as a friend. Nar has taken the position of "Rival" so no worries ;)


  • The Chosen One Of Fire (A very bitter rivalry)
  • The Chosen One of Psychic (if you can't tell why look at the names. Ya, were that close)

My resumè

Decent Things I've done for future reference!!!

  • Non-admin with the most Mainspace edits! (This statement may fluctuate)
  • Assisted in replacing Link sprites within Forum Titles (Still apparently a work in progress)
  • Majority of Edits are for mainspace articles! (At least 40%!)
  • Created a forum for people to discuss how Sonic has influenced their lives
  • I continue to watch TSSZ News for Sonic updates to let the community know about brand new news
  • Rescued the Sonic and SEGA All-Stars page from unworthiness
  • Hit the 1000-edit mark (Most of them Mainspace)
  • Created the Sonic Riders Template (With help from LB)
  • Worked on a page long enough to be nominated as a Feature Article
  • Voted by SNN that my efforts for publicity (the interview with Sonic Stadium) will bring more readers
  • Proposed a set of Trivia rules for the Sonic Wiki(Undergoing modification and approval)-It looks like there is good reception to it by the admins \^_^/

To do list

  • Patrol SNN for Vandals
  • Scout for FA worthy articles and report for them
I'm thinkin:
  • Keep connected with TSSZ and check for any news
  • Bring more articles to become FA worthy
  • Bring edit count up to 2000-DONE
  • Learn how to color boxes like SLJ's page
  • Correct many red links
  • Fix sources on moreover visited articles
  • Gain status boosts (ex. admin) in order to use powers for SNN-DONE
  • Finish assisting in Sonic Heroes 2 fangame creation
  • Have 2 articles I've created/majorly contributed become FA's
  • Make templates:
Genesis titles
Sonic Adventure/2
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Missing Picture-DONE
Sonic Riders-DONE
  • Make Reviews for Games, OST's, etc.


Here's some questions I've been asked on this wiki and other sites I'm active on:

Q: I hear you have SSBB, can I have your friend code?
A: No, I'm on dial-up
Q: Is that hindering you from being more active?
A: Yeah, but I can manage
Q: Are you obsessed with Sonic?
A: Let's just say the asylum's still searching for me ;)
Q: Have you checked out this youtube vid?
A: Probably not

About Me

I am an obsessive Sonic the Hedgehog buff from the U.S. I am one of those fans who moreover believes in the games but respects the comics (Called by concept mobius as the universal Sonic Fan). I would like to buy the merchandise like the figurines and hats but am a teenager whose parents won't let me go past the games. But when I go to college I will become a hardcore fan. I want to create a website and I am almost finished creating a Sonic the Hedgehog 06 Movie DVD project that has somewhat less quality than the Sonic CD DVD. I'll upload it to a torrent website if you want a copy. I am also a part of the ever-so-famous Sonic Wrecks, SOAH City, and Sonic Retro. Check it out!

I currently have all if not most, of the Sonic Game OST's and Vocal Soundtracks

I am often on at school (which could possibly a problem soon if this website gets blocked) and possibly for 20 minutes at home (homework, slow internet, etc.). I often research before editing articles, and I am very big on grammar. I sometimes search my name on this site to see who's talking about me (and I say, I'm happy). I also look at the featured users page and carefully calculate how many edits I need in order to beat the next user. I'm happy that LB is now back to a regular user thanks to his obsession with revenge on vandals (since when have you not heard of somebody who gets mad with power?!). Don't criticize me: I'm entitled to my own opinion. I am also the voluntary publicist for the Sonic Wiki

I participate on many fan projects (and of course, wiki improvement projects) including the in-development fangame Sonic Heroes 2 ~SNN Edition~. I have been considered to be a founding father of "SNN Productions." The sprite sheet I'm making is taking awhile. It's apparent that I'm making myself known on the websites that I've been on, and perhaps in the future I will be almost as famous as T-Bird or Dreadknux.

Milo icon
Milotheechidna – "Behold! The son of a thousand Damascus!"
TALK Milotheechidna 17:54, May 26, 2010 (UTC)
Does it work? Yes!


Pages I've created/made major contributions to

Great Megalith
Knight's Passage
Shrouded Forest
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing
Radical Train
Molten Mine
The Cauldron
Dragon's Lair
Dark Hollow
Faraway Avalon
Tropical Jungle
Iron Queen
Sir Percival- Almost finished, nominated Feature Article
Sir Lancelot - Almost finished, nominated Feature Article
Sonic Classic Collection

Please check them out and I hope maybe thay could become a Featured Article!

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