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Mighty the Hedgefox
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Zack R. (I lied it's an alias. My real name is.......)

Nathan Ryan

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Mighty the Hedgefox



What you need to know about Mighty the Hedgefox

I'm a 13 year old dude who loves life and just can't sit still. I enjoy MMA, 4-wheeling, and video games, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm always ready to help so if you need anything at all just ask.

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My main wiki is here but you can find me: and


The Ultimate Cheese, The Ultimate Pwner


Nahum the Moonhog (He/She asked me to be his/her friend but never came back)

DiscoDuck (awesome friend)

Vortex The Hedgehog (good friend)

Needlemouse (best friend)

Battlelord7 (good friend)

Ultimatedude127 (good friend)

Carrothehedgehog (He/She asked me to be his/her friend but never came back)

58SlugDrones! (good friend)

Tornado The Hedgehog (He is my brother)


Moon the Hedgehog


none of your beeswax I'm 13, O.K.?


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Catholic and proud of it!!!


I pity the fool- Mr.T

I'm the Ultimate Life Form!


Mighty the Hedgefox – "I pity the fool-Mr.T"
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Sweet, I have a template!

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Needlemouse – "Time to kick some Ro-Butt-Nik butt!"
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I made this talk bubble for Needlemouse/Eric the Hedgehog

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Ultimatedude127 – AWESOME VICTORY
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GM Tails – Gotta Catch'em All
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Tornado The Hedgehog – CHAOS CONTROL!!!!
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I made this for my brother, Tornado The Hedgehog.

Favorite Sonic Game

Sonic Unleashed

Favorite Sonic Character

Shadow the Hedgehog

Least Favorite Sonic Character

Big the Cat

Least Favorite Sonic Game

Sonic and the Secret Rings

All Sonic games I currently own

Sonic Accomplisments worth bragging about

  • I've gotten all six Chaos Emeralds and beat the final boss in the first Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
  • I own 10 over Sonic games. (not counting complications)
  • I've leveled up all my characters so much in Sonic Chronicles that they can't get bonus points anymore.
  • I've beat Sonic Rush.
  • I have all of the medals in Sonic Unleashed.
  • I've unlocked Sonic in the Subspace Emissary.
  • I've unlocked Super Sonic in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
  • I've unlocked Super Knuckles in "Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2".
  • I've beaten Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure DX.
  • I've won the Green, Yellow, and Red Chaos Grand Prixs in Sonic Drift.

Favorite Sonic Zones

  1. Chemical Plant Zone (it isn't that hard people!)
  2. Green Hill Zone
  3. Chun-Nan
  4. Holoska
  5. Seaside Hill
  6. Sky Chase Zone

Favorite Sonic Quote

Quotation1 There's only one thing left to do........... To put the past behind me. Quotation2
Super Shadow

Hobbies outside of Sonic

video games, four-wheeling, movies, watching TV, Star Wars, drawing

Favorite Flash Sonic Game

Sonic RPG Episode 8 MidNightMaren made this game, not me.

Little known fact about me.........

I have a class of all girls except me. Sucks right?

Couples I Support:



Scrona (That is the pairing of Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox I know their evil but they should be together)

Couples I don't Support

Sonamy (don't hate me for this but I don't like Sonamy)



Favorite TV show



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Ones I recommend

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Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog (Game)

Shade the Echidna

Chaos Powers

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Rush

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

Sonic Adventure

His World

[[Hacked characters]]

Special Stages Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Sonic Heroes

His World

Ones I made or did a major remodel

Dash Panel (I made this one)

Chaos Emerald (Extreme Gear) (I did a major remodel)

List of Shields (I made this one)

Super Shield (I made this one)

Wisps (I made this one)

Category:Stones (I made this one)

Reach For The Stars (I made this one)

The Labyrinth of Sky (I made this one)

Labyrinth of the Sea (I made this one)

Tornado Spin (I orginally called it:Blue Tornado/Black Tornado, Murphyshane changed it to Tornado Spin, makes more sense)

Super Sonic Boost (I made this one)

Megalo Station (I did a major remodel)

Chaos Rift (I made this one)

Hammerspace (I made this one)

Power Core (I made this one)

Altar of the Emeralds (I made this one)

Charge Jump (I made this one)

Auto Running (I made this one)


7/9/2010 - Mighty started the Archives section, this section will allow people to stay updated in the life of me. If you care that is. I just watched "Battle For Terra". I also got all sun and moon medals on Sonic Unleashed.

7/10/2010 - I played tennis today. I also played Sonic 3D Blast for the first time. Internet crashed so I'm currently doing this edit from another computer.

7/11/2010 - Went to see "Toy Story 3". It rocked! Read "Shadow Smokes!?" comic. Had more fits at my computer. ROFL!

7/12/2010 - Went to the pool for 2 1/2 hrs.

7/13/2010 - Nah, nothing worth writing. Then again I did eat alot of hamburgers, but other than that.....

7/15/2010 - My crappy computer is having some techincal difficulties so that will be a while to fix. Went shopping for soccer supplies.

7/17/2010 - Went to the Lexington Civil War battlefield/museum. Also saw the Anderson building where a portion of the battle was fought.

7/19/2010 - Unlocked Super Knuckles in "Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2" Went swimming for about an hour.

7/21/2010 - Went swimming for another hour. Last night there was a huge storm that lit up the night sky. It. Was. HUGE.

7/25/2010 - Trained for the soccer season, and it has been friggin hot for the past week or so. I'm talking heat index of 110 degrees.

8/3/2010 - Selected my classes for the school year. It is still really hot. Watched "My Wife and Kids". Went grocery shopping.

8/12/2010 - Staying at my Aunt's tonight, watched "The Price is Right" and getting ready for the new school year.

8/16/2010 - Started my first day of junior high. It was alright.

9/3/2010 - Wow, I havn't updated the archives in a while. Oh well. Started the soccer season finally. Played a game called "Capture the Pin" at Gym. I also got 99:99 play time on Sonic Heroes.

9/16/2010 - HUGE NEWS!!! In the 6th Grade I scored on the 95th precentile, so I'm qualified to take the SAT/CAT, a test that is intended for seniors in high school. If I pass that test, I have a chance to go to KU university. Where I can take college classes and get college credits before I even go to college. On a lighter note I ran the mile in gym. My time was 7:24.

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